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W_Pack_Mule Patched bug


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I can reproduce it on vanilla BG:EE without other mods and the Pack Mule not patched by BWF, so it's not related to either EET or Big World Fixpack. The mod simply doesn't work on patch 2.x games which should be reported to author.


edit: it's already reported in authors topic: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/17046/mod-w-packmule-for-bg-ee-bg2-ee/p1


which mod adds those guys? Post content of your WeiDU-BGEE.log. If you still have that BG:EE game installed than please start a new game on that installation and go to Friendly Arms Inn to see if names will be messed up there too. If yes than it's unrelated to EET.


Either way press ctrl+M to highlight one of those guys and check what is the CRE resource name (that's how we will be able to figure out what mod added them)

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its from Darkhorizons now said Invalid 306909 as name

and shaman class not fully working (ten taniec szamana)

i found this for w_pack_mule

add this to w_packmule.tp2

BEGIN ~Packmule patch~
COPY ~w_PackMule/bam/uDIA1.bam~ ~override/uDIA1.bam~
APPEND ~animate.ids~ ~0x5293 PACK_MULE_WOW~ UNLESS ~^0x5293~
SAY NAME1 @1002
SAY NAME2 @1002
WRITE_SHORT 0x28 0x5293 //Animation ID PACK_MULE_WOW
COPY_EXISTING ~w_pwrang.cre~ ~override~
SAY NAME1 @1003
SAY NAME2 @1003
COPY_EXISTING ~w_mflow.spl~ ~override~
SAY NAME1 @1004
COPY_EXISTING ~w_mwait.spl~ ~override~
SAY NAME1 @1005
COPY_EXISTING ~w_mstay.spl~ ~override~
SAY NAME1 @1006
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All dark horizons assets name have invalid XXXXXX


I think I know where the problem lays. You installed Dark Horizons and other BG:EE mods using English TLK files rather than Polish ones (when you first start installation weidu asks which language TLK file should be used - the answer is storred inside weidu.conf file in your BG:EE directory). Than during EET installation on BG2:EE you choose Polish language even though your Polish TLK files don't have any strings added by mods. Did you use BWS for installation? If yes than this should be reported in BWS topic - the tool should choose pl_pl rather en_us as the default TLK lang for weidu when installing mods on BG:EE.

edit: you're using linux, so you must have installed BG:EE mods manually. In this case you probably choose wrong TLK file during first BG:EE mod installation - as mentioned check out weidu.conf file in your BG:EE directory.

edit2: weidu.conf is actually updated with the language that has been chosen during EET installation, so in this case the only way to confirm this is starting the BG:EE game if you still have that installation - if I'm right than your game will be in English but Dark Horizon content will be in Polish which would confirm mistake during first mod installation.


i found this for w_pack_mule


Pack Mule simply uses outdated implementation. Here is mini tutorial how to add new animations into patch 2.x games via INI files: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/58643-adding-an-animation-to-bg2ee/?do=findComment&comment=588533


and shaman class not fully working (ten taniec szamana)

what exactly is wrong? Can't reproduce.

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To prevent such problems in future BG1 language from now on will be set like this:

- if weidu.conf exists in BG:EE directory than BG1 language is always assigned based on the name stored there regardless of the language chosen during EET installation

- if BG:EE weidu.conf doesn't exists than installer checks if TLK files matching language used during EET installation exists in BG:EE directory - if yes than the BG:EE language will be the same as used for EET installation

- if no than English language is chosen.


Thanks for report.

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Packmule is still on the list of compatible mods and BWS installs it.


Since it is by error in my install as well, I have changed the animation in NI to DEER (comes closest to a mule and is useable for its purpose). Until a real solution comes around...

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