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Quick question about installation with mods via BWS


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When using Big World Setup to install EET and the mods, do I select "Baldur's Gate II: EE / Enhanced Edition Trilogy" during the game selection dialogue, or do I first select "Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition" only, mod it using BWS, and then install EET via BWS ? The installation instructions given in the EET readme are having me a bit confused...I am assuming they are intended for a manual installation with BWS ?

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Selecting that voice only allows me to select BGEE and BG2EE, and not SoD.. ho can I do a complete EET installation?

The SoD is in the BGEE game... AFTER you install the modmerge to the BGEE/SoD to the combination, if you have the Steam or GoG SoD,, and if you have the SoD from Beamdog, then you just select the SoD game directory as the BGEE game, as it comes with the BGEE in it. As it's the same thing.
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I installed BGEE and I'm installing SoD now, but SoD installation prompts me for another install directory, not the same.

Answer this first... where did you get the game from, Steam, GoG or Beamdog -site ? And is the BGEE from there also ?
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Readme file has been updated today to clarify this stuff.


Regarding BWS:

For Windows users planning to install other mods it's recommended to use Big World Setup to download, extract and install EET and other mods (just select "Baldur's Gate II: EE / Enhanced Edition Trilogy" option and the tool will handle both BG:EE and BG2:EE mods installation). This approach will save you a lot of time and ensure that selected mods are compatible with EET and installed in the correct order.


Regarding BG:EE/SoD directory:

The BG:EE + Siege of Dragonspear installation (patch v2.3.67.3 is required) should be either "clean" installation or with any combination of mods listed in this forum topic (fist part of the post only). If you have SoD installed outside of BG:EE directory than SoD folder should be used during installation (SoD installation always contains all BG:EE resources).
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