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Keli or Inara

Who would you rather romance?  

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I doubt I'll really be playing the mod (can't stand a male PC), but I voted for Inara long ago, just so you know! I'll never be able to understand you guys who'd rather choose a Keli-looking type of girl ??? I do understand those who checked "both", though.

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Most definitely both, but not at the same time, though! I'd like to get to know them first before I decide which one I would romance first. Might be Keli, might be Inara... Depending on what kind of person I'm playing etc.


I'm looking forward to this mod it seems really great!! I love the idea of sisters!!! :):)

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Guest noname z

If you count playing the mod twice, then definitely both but if you ask who first, then Keli. I always liked the shy and innocent type (like Saerileth, even if she was a bit young for a real [speak: mature] relationship).


Not that i would mind it all that much, if Keli and Inara insisted on Rastor's idea but i really don't think those two would agree. Wasn't there something like that mentioned in Keli's info on the main paige for that mod?

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