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Edwin Quest bug?


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Hello there,

I killed Dynaheir in the Gnoll Stronghold and Minsc in Nashkel, have Edwin in my party and found the red wizards in the spider wood. The red wizard Denak is telling me


Good day travelers. Mmmm... Edwin, I did not expect to see you so soon. I hope your... business has been attended to Edwin, for if it hasn't, then you should do so soon. I think that Zulkir Nevron would be most disappointed if he were to hear that you failed. That is all that really needs to be said. Good day again, and goodbye.


To what quest / business is he referring to?


Wasn't Edwins quest to destroy both Dynaheir and Minsc, or am I missing somethign here?


Is this a bug?

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It is not a bug. There is no more since you killed Dynaheir. There would just be another reaction if Dynaheir were in your party or if Edwin had betrayed the Red Wizards by not killing her.


But what do I see? You are not quite as useless as I have reported to Nevron time and again. You are worse! What part of "kill" did you not understand when you were ordered to assassinate the Rashemi witch? Has the stay in these barbaric lands softened your wits?

The situation of Dynaheir alive would trigger the "quest"...




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