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Should this Mod be broken down into components?


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I think for some of us players that to this day we're kind of leery of installing this particular mod, but feel like we're missing out with some of it's content, and particularly the content that was restored. Would it be possible to break down this mod into components if we didn't want the alternate dialogues & actions when dealing with the end bosses? It seems that most of the issues is the re-written, and re-purposed npcs, but I don't think I've read any issues when it came to cut-content.


Also is there a more up-to-date readme? The one on the frontpage for this mod is quite outdated, and I have not been able to find the more up-to-date version.

Call me ignorant, but "if we didn't want the alternate dialogues & actions when dealing with the end bosses?" - I think this is the essence of this mod. Break out of the set-in-stone path of original ToB and provide alternatives, even get the *good* bhaalspawn to your side instead of stupidly killing everyone.

I see no *component* that could be broken out of the mod without breaking the mod.


(I had it in every of my former BGT games and have it now in EET every time - I even developped crossmod contents for my own mod with Wheels, so I think I know this mod quite well.)

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Yes, this isn't happening, because


(i) Roxanne is exactly right, the "alternate dialogues and actions" are virtually the entire content of the mod. (There's very little "restored content", per se.)

(ii) WoP is a living nightmare to debug even without breaking it down.


What's outdated about the readme? The frontpage version still looks accurate to me; the readme link on the downloads page goes to the v3 readme, which is the last time I touched the mod. I think some of the Gibberlings released new versions while I was away, but I don't think they do more than update the translation and maybe catch a couple of bugs.

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My apologies then, there was so much confusion regarding this mod that I was not even sure what exactly was going on with WoP. Also yes, I noticed that this forum was still updating it, but I didn't see anything that reflected those changes from (2014 to 2016).

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davidW, any chance you are going to add throne of bhaal revisited to this mod? Or at least some of the great changes it makes?

I played the mod with wheels in a BGT installation. It is very much a beta mod. It worked with wheels but it was largely incompatible with any other ToB mod, especially it broke most of the romances. Even if the basic ideas/concepts are nice features, the current state of it makes it hard to use (and the idea of including someone's mod into another one is a bit obscure?)

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