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Simplified Chinese translation for v11


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Hello to all!


Many thanks to berelinde and jestey for your fantastic works to this mod.


I have made a Chinese translation on v10 last year(didn't find there is already v11 version :puke: ). After making a quick check and correction I installed the mod with that translation successfully. Since there is no official Chinese language of BG2EE yet, I cannot do any test on BG2EE, I can only make sure it's OK with vanilla BG2 or BGT with Chinese language games.


I made slightly change to setup-alternatives.tp2 file besides the translation:

-Add a new LANGUAGE line refers to the translation.

-Add a check in the ALWAYS block: if install the mod with language of Chinese, then edit the alternatives_noconvert array. Otherwise there could be messy codes when uninstall/reinstall the mod, when running Windows with Chinese.

-Add a block at the end of .tp2 file, change the SELECT_COMMON1 of "b!mal.cre" and "b!mal2.cre", to show Chinese characters instead of English ones.


Edit: GBK means simplified Chinese characters.


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This is cool. Thank you very much! I will integrate this into the mod - (I can't check any of it, though).

Thank you for integration. If there will be any change of tra files in future, please let me know.

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