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[Solved] Journal problem


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I'm having another problem, this time a GUI one. If I want to access the journal, the game freezes up:

[Python]: Chapter  6 Section  1
[Python/ERROR]: Traceback (most recent call last):
[Python/ERROR]:   File "/usr/local/share/gemrb/GUIScripts/bg2/GUIJRNL.py", line 140, in OpenJournalWindow
[Python/ERROR]:     UpdateLogWindow ()
[Python/ERROR]:   File "/usr/local/share/gemrb/GUIScripts/bg2/GUIJRNL.py", line 192, in UpdateLogWindow
[Python/ERROR]:     JournalText = "\n" + je2[1] + "\n"
[Python/ERROR]: IndexError: list index out of range

Happened also on another installation once. I can't tell you, however, what exactly started it, only noticed it after some time. Other save games are fine. Using the latest GemRB as of March, 18th.

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Works fine here, so it appears to be a data problem — an entry without a description, just the title.


insert another line before "/usr/local/share/gemrb/GUIScripts/bg2/GUIJRNL.py", line 192:

print je['Text'], je2

mind the indentation, it has to be with tab characters and the same as line 192.

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Now it does this:



[Python]: Chapter 6 Section 1
[Python]: 74974 ['Investigate the Iron Throne.', "\nAfter defeating the mage Davaeorn I questioned his sniveling apprentice Stephan Re'Cap. He confirmed much of what I already knew: The Iron Throne is the organization behind the iron crisis, though I think the name is just a coincidence. Mulahey was to destroy the effectiveness of the Nashkel mine, while bandits stopped incoming caravans. The perceived threat of the shortage likely inflamed fears and exaggerated the problem.\n\nThe Iron Throne was going to try and look like the saviors of the day, riding in with their stores of iron to equip the troops or something like that. With the bandit raids and the rumors about Amn, the Iron Throne figured that the Dukes of Baldur's Gate would think they needed arms and ore quickly in case of Amnish attack. They figured they could get exorbitant prices, or better yet, sanctions against competitors and an easing of trade laws for themselves only. A quick way to install themselves as an underground power on the coast while maintaining a veneer of respectability as a merchant consortium, unless they got caught, of course.\n\nThe three regional leaders of the Iron Throne placed Davaeorn in charge of the mine. Stephan also said that Davaeorn was getting orders from someone else too, and that he complained about it a lot, but he never said a name. The main building for the Iron Throne is apparently in Baldur's Gate, somewhere in the south west of the city."]
[Python]: 74783 ['A zombie infestation.', '\nA zombie infestation has been terrorizing the few settlers unlucky enough to own land by the river. An old farmer by the name of Wenric has counted twenty of them and will pay me an impressive 150 gp if I can get rid of every last one.']
[Python]: 74808 ["Retrieve Hurgan's dagger.", "\nWe have been asked to retrieve an enchanted dagger from Durlag's Tower called 'Soultaker' by Hurgan Stoneblade. The dagger is a family heirloom that he wishes us to return to him in Ulgoth's Beard. The Tower is rumored to be heavily trapped."]
[Python]: 74744 ['The BEAR.', '\nI have just met Jared, a lone and frightened merchant, in the wilds of these mountains. He has just fled some bears who have apparently laid claim to the other side of this bridge...']
[Python]: 126455 ['Das B\xf6se auf dem Friedhof - Tobin zeigt uns den Weg', '\nDer Priester wird uns als Wegweiser zur Verf\xfcgung stehen und uns auf den Friedhof und wieder zur\xfcck bringen, damit wir dort nach dem Rechten sehen k\xf6nnen.']
[Python]: 74674 ['Blood deeds: Ordulinian.', "\nOrdulinian has told me the tale of two of Baldur's Gate's greatest fools, necromancers and ex-lovers, Nemphre and Arkion. He appears to have grown tired of their endless feuding and has asked me to bring Arkion's bloodstone amulet and Nemphre's onyx ring to him so that it might be settled once and for all. I can find Ordulinian at the Sorcerous Sundries."]
[Python]: 74679 ['Thieving around.', "\nA thief named Narlen approached me in the Thieves' Guild. I think he had some sort deal for me, but I couldn't understand a word he said."]
[Python]: 74956 ['Investigate the Iron Throne.', "\nAn old gent named Entillis Fulsom seems well-acquainted with my ongoing investigations into the Iron Throne. He has recommended to me the assistance of Scar and Duke Eltan, two men associated with the honorable Flaming Fist Mercenaries, here in Baldur's Gate... It seems that he is acting with Elminster. While I still cannot grasp their interest in me, I cannot doubt the goodness of their intentions."]
[Python]: 110678 ['A strange gnome', '\nI encountered an enigmatic gnome. He seems to be looking for another gnome not presently in my company. Perhaps it would be worth my while to return if I meet one matching his description.']
[Python]: 74676 ['Blood deeds: Nemphre.', "\nThere is a woman in Baldur's Gate who has been gifted with the... succulent name of Nemphre... I must admit, I am torn between a certain sense of passion and a much less certain sense of foreboding. Arkion, an old lover of hers, has apparently kept an amulet of hers that she would like to have returned. Maybe if I could just talk to him... I found Nemphre in a house just south of the Elfsong tavern."]
[Python]: 74646 ['Ghorak the Diseased.', "\nUpon attempting to cure Ghorak the Diseased in the slums of Baldur's Gate, he has asked a dark favor of me. Behind a painting at the Three Old Kegs lies the skull of his brother Kereph. I am to present it to Agnasia in The Lady's Hall, where perhaps I will learn more of this sorry tale."]
[Python]: 90831 ['Remove Fire Salamanders', "\nIn Baldur's Gate we met a friendly fisherman, Nadalin. It looks as though some very strange things are happening in the north in the village where he lived. He claims that Fire Salamanders have attacked his village and now no one can fish in the area. I must take a good look at the problem when I get up there."]
[Python]: 126958 ['Grothir im Feiernden St\xf6r sucht Vertr\xe4ge', '\nGrothir, ein Zwerg aus Breagars Clan, hat voreilig einen Handelsvertrag mit dem Eisenthron abgeschlossen. Er w\xe4re sehr dankbar, wenn sich jemand dort umsehen und ihm den Vertrag wieder zur\xfcckbringen k\xf6nnte.']
[Python]: 90850 ['Along the Northern Coast lives a small community of fishermen. It seems that something has intruded in the area north of their village that has frightened them badly.']
[Python/ERROR]: Traceback (most recent call last):
[Python/ERROR]: File "/usr/local/share/gemrb/GUIScripts/bg2/GUIJRNL.py", line 140, in OpenJournalWindow
[Python/ERROR]: UpdateLogWindow ()
[Python/ERROR]: File "/usr/local/share/gemrb/GUIScripts/bg2/GUIJRNL.py", line 193, in UpdateLogWindow
[Python/ERROR]: JournalText = "\n" + je2[1] + "\n"
[Python/ERROR]: IndexError: list index out of range



So probably some mod messed the journal up? There're some issues with the encoding, since some texts are in German and contain umlauts. Plus, some of the listed quests are solved anyway, so they didn't get moved to the 'Solved' section.

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[Python]: 90850 ['Along the Northern Coast lives a small community of fishermen. It seems that something has intruded in the area north of their village that has frightened them badly.']

you can see this one has no title. I could make an informed guess on whether that's a title or description, but it'd be interesting to see how this is displayed in the original, if at all. At minimum we shouldn't break on such exceptions... which we don't any more.


It even doesn't have a newline prepended, so coupled with the lack of a title, it looks like a bg1-style journal entry. So yeah, incomplete bgt/tutu compatibility in that mod. If you can track it down, please report it, so at least the bws fixpack can patch it if not the maintainers.

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