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berelinde's Keldorn Romance

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Hi, i have a question.


My lt is 53 in ch 3 (i usually play fast paced but this time i was all over the place) but i feel like Keldorn still doesnt 'like' me and i have been friendzoned. He never said/made anything that could indicate that he may start to have feelings for me (Edwin tho commented about the fact that it looks like Keldorn tries to court me). Is this normal or i fked up?

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If you want to make sure, check for the variable GetGlobal("B!KeldornRA","GLOBAL") - it shouldn't be at "3".

Other than that, it all seems to progress as planned. The romance is a slow one with a lot of lovetalks. If the variable "B!KelLT" is at "53" for you, that means the next LT will be if resting at an inn.


There will be 7 more LT until the first kiss, if I see it correctly. ;) Beware: this is the LT were things get decided. If you have a committed romance with one of the following NPCs, the Keldorn romance will stop:









Aran Whitehand (this is a teaser, really)






Weimer's Solaufein




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Here's a list of the talks. Kep in mind that the variable has to be increased by 2 for every talk, so LT 35 will be at "Global("B!KelLT","GLOBAL",70)":


And - the end of SoA might sound like your PC messed up the romance. That's intentional behavior, as long as she gets the ring.





/* Talk 1 - Unreal */
/* Talk 2 - Regrets */
/* Talk 3 - The truth comes out */
/* Talk 4 - Guilt, relief, and more guilt */
/* Talk 5 - Is this a test? */
/* Talk 6 (at an inn) - Wild man */
/* Talk 7 (morning after) - Hangover */
/* Talk 8 (before rest) - Letter to Maria */
/* Talk 9 - Leona hates me */
/* Talk 10 - Won't recognize Vesper if he sees her again */
/* Talk 11 - Aborted holiday */
/* Talk 12 - No reply to letter (and there never will be) */
/* Talk 13 - PC looks different */
/* Talk 14 - PC's childhood */
/* Talk 15 - What will you do when your quest is complete? */
/* Talk 16 - The future */
/* Talk 17 - Second chances */
/* Talk 18 - Keldorn's apology */
/* Talk 19 - A favorable light (beginnings of attraction) */
/* Talk 20 - relationship with Gorion */
/* Talk 21 - Thank you */
/* Talk 22 - Views on duty */
/* Talk 23 - Needs of others */
/* Talk 24 - A just society */
/* Talk 25 - Esmeltaran */
/* Talk 26 - Do you like music? */
/* Talk 27 (at an inn) - Dance with Keldorn */
/* Talk 28 (morning after) - Feel alive */
/* Talk 29 - Favorite books */
/* Talk 30 - Adventurous PC */
/* Talk 31 - Friends for a season, friends for a reason */
/* Talk 32 - Things happen for a reason */
/* Talk 33 - Favorite color */
/* Talk 34 (rest at night) - Walk with me */
/* Talk 35 (morning after) - Keldorn's gift */





/* Talk 1 - First Night */
/* Talk 3 - PC's feelings */
/* Talk 4 - The age difference */
/* Talk 5 - Partnership */
/* Talk 6 - Family - the new Lady Firecam */
/* Talk 7 - Family - Charname, the step-mom */
/* Talk 8 - Don't Grieve */


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First of all, I would thank you for this wonderful mod! I enjoyed it a lot as the dialogues are nice written and well thought out!


By the way, there is a problem that I could not solve. After some LT with Keldorn (something about favourite color etc.) a banter between Keldorn and Viconia happens and gets stuck — it repeats one time after another, so there is no way to continue playing as Viconia initiates this dialogue constantly ("So, the so-called paragon of virtues...").


What would you suggest to do in this situation? I can't figure out what variable I have to adjust to unstuck the script.

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Hello NikitaA, sorry for your trouble and thank you for reporting!


First a short explanation: the dialogue that tries to fire is the second Keldorn-Viconia dialogue, but because of a typo it resets the dialogue of the first one. Good catch! This will be fixed in the next version.


To stop the stutter, please set Global("B!KelRomVic2","GLOBAL",1) - this will for one stop the repetition of the first dialogue and will also fire the second one.


As a remainder: in the classic games, the cheat console line would be



For BGII:EE, it is



Thank you for playing the Keldorn Romance mod!

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Berelinde's Keldorn Romance updates to v4!



  • first Keldorn-Viconia banter will no longer repeat
  • externalized detection of other romances into script. Other romance detection can be disabled by setting Global("B!Kel_MultiRomances","GLOBAL",1) via the cheat console.
  • more mod romances considered for other romance detection: Adrian, Valygar (Corthala Romantique), Verr'Sza, Xan BGII
  • Original Tree of Life interjection should not play if mod one does
  • Original Solar interjection at the end of ToB should not play if mod added does; other NPCs should talk as well.
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The mod updates to v5!

Version 5 comes with several bug fixes, one of them severe (looping Keldorn-Imoen interjection at the Tree of Life). Version 5 also comes with a new optional component to adjust the romance timers. The needed user input during installation of the main component was removed.


-Keldorn and Imoen's interjections should not loop at tree of life
-Keldorn should have correct kickout dialogue after family events finished
-new optional component: chose romance timer. User input upon installing the main component removed (removed ACTION_READLN)
-renamed setup-keldorn_rom.tp2 to keldorn_rom.tp2
-added keldorn_rom.ini with mod info metadata
-update to WeiDU v246

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Guest EdekaReweAldiLidl

Hi, Is there a way to disable the alignment restriction? There is no option to allow all alignments.

I'm playing neutral evil charname with simultaneous romances with Anomen and Dorn, and I have Keldorn in the party. I'm not into roleplaying obviously (You can't have Anomen, Keldorn and Dorn in the same party normally). One Baldur's Gate run from SoA to TOB is long enough, so I want to do all 3 romances in one go.

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Well I hope your PC has a high CON then haha!

For Keldorn, first set the following via cheats:


this will disable any checkings for other active romances.

To circumvent his romance restrictions, it is a bit more complicated as they are checked directly. After Keldorn tells about him and Maria making peace, check for the variable Global("B!KeldornRomReturn","GLOBAL",1) ( GetGlobal("B!KeldornRomReturn","GLOBAL") ). If it is at "1", set the following variables:

        SetGlobalTimer("B!KelTime","GLOBAL",FIVE_DAYS) // If this doesn't work, set SetGlobal("B!KelTime","GLOBAL",1)

Also, please refer to the readme: For the Keldorn romance, you need him and his wife to reconcile (something an neutral evil PC might not care about).

No guarantees how far you'll get, but good luck!

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Guest EdekaReweAldiLidl

Thanks! I will try it out and see how it goes. 😁

My PC is male, by the way, and he has 18 CON. It should be enough for a third romance. Hahaha.

I installed the Tweaks Anthology, Romance Cheats, and removed the gender restriction and allowed multiple romances. Does this gender tweak also allow Keldorn romance to work?

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