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berelinde's Keldorn Romance

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Guest EdekaReweAldiLidl

It's my paladin harem. 😁 All of them are in one way or another paladins.

Will Keldorn's romance stop if I temporarily remove him from the party? I want to do Hexxat's companion quests but they refuse to be in the same party.

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Matter of taste, for one.

And then, Keldorn is - what? - 43 or something. That might sound old for a 20-something, but all I can tell you is: wait until you reach that age - you will notice it doesn't feel as old as you imagined when you were half the age where you still thought every person over 30 is "old".

You could also ask: why would a wise and ripe man of his age fall for such a young woman... (Because he is definitely not the "I'm in the midlife crisis and need a young woman at my side to prove my youthfulness" kind of man.)

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Guest EdekaReweAldiLidl

Just fyi. I tried this but I had an error.


lua: call expression not a function
Active Stack:
Active Stack:

So I did the alternative, and the boy with the letter came up.


So far, so good. Hopefully, it works.

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Guest EdekaReweAldiLidl

I'm stuck. I found the livery from the warehouse in the slums then took the party in the government district. I'm walking around during daytime and nothing is happening.

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Guest EdekaReweAldiLidl

Hi Jastey,

This is the last entry:

Text: A Bump with the Past: Livery in the Warehouse.

Keldorn has identified the livery we found in the warehouse as belonging to one of the estates in his neighborhood. He believes that a search of the property may turn up more clues, and says that he can lead us there, but that we should call during daylight hours. He fears that a violent dispute might arise and does not want to risk the lives of any innocents that might be home at the time.

I entered each of the estates except Roenall's which is still locked but Keldorn didn't say anything.

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Global("B!KelQuest","GLOBAL",13) is at 13?

The "he can lead us there" is quite literally, actually. You need to klick talk him at daylight, while you are in one of the city areas ( The Docks , Slums , Bridge District , Waukeen's Promenade , Graveyard , Temple District , Government District , City Gates .) Then there should be a reply option to ask him to lead you there.

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Guest xeiroe

I need a wee bit of help.  I'm using the EE version of BGII and I keep getting this error:

Problem Unix.Unix_error(20, "mkdir", "music/blank") on music/blank: util.ml
Copying and patching 1 file ...
ERROR: COPY ~keldorn_rom/song/b_blank.mus~ ~music/blank~ FAILED: cannot open target
Stopping installation because of error.

ERROR Installing [berelinde's Keldorn Romance], rolling back to previous state
Will uninstall 277 files for [KELDORN_ROM/KELDORN_ROM.TP2] component 0.
Uninstalled    277 files for [KELDORN_ROM/KELDORN_ROM.TP2] component 0.
ERROR: Sys_error("music/blank: No such file or directory")
Please make a backup of the file: SETUP-KELDORN_ROM.DEBUG and look for support at: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/
Using Language [English]

 Also , if it makes a difference,  I'm using the bg2_beta version on Steam, because the last updated version of the game will absolutely not run on my PC for some bizarre reason.


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This is not a problem on the mods side since it's working for other installs. My guess would be that you are trying to mod your game under C:Programs and Windows doesn't like that at all.

If so, best you copy the whole BGII:EE folder to another drive and mod the copy.

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