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G3: Gavin (BG2) updates to v21 with BGII:EE and EET-versions

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Gavin for BG2

Author: berelinde

Gavin is an NPC mod for Baldur's Gate II, the BG2 portion of BGT, BGII:EE, and (the BG2 portion of) EET. He is a Morninglord of Lathander and can be found in the Temple of Ilmater on the roof of the Copper Coronet in the Slums. The mod is the continuation of the Gavin BG1 mod. Version v21 introduces the BGII:EE as well as EET versions.

Changes for v21:

typo corrections
included hotfix for b!aley.are. The area no longer crashes during night
corrected the description of the Brown Mold Oil item and usage when created
corrected the possible instances when Gavin's "aftermath" talk triggered before the "complain about not going to Temple district" talks when he went there alone
Ring detection in ID now works also if the ring is not in Player1's inventory
fixed PID triggers if player uses Keldorn or HaerDalis to talk to Gavin
improved the "Gavin objects to the use of the Silver Dragon eggs in case another mod also did that
fixed "endless curing by engagement ring" exploit
corrected misspelled "GLOABAL" in dialogue/b!talks.d
removed portraits with unclear copyright status
corrected setting of "B!GavFirstTime" in two instances in b!talks.d
(ToB) fixed stuttering/breaking "Chinchilla" dialogue and FINSOL01 interjections
(ToB) Fate spirit now gives the right spawn choices depending on PC's gender and stats
(ToB) Gavin no longer hits on no-romance PCs (also in PID)
(ToB) fixed wrong epilogue for "god, not romanced"
(ToB) fixed a wrong transition in a LT
EE-version added
EET-version added
(BGII:EE, EET) added silent romance kills for Dorn, Rasaad, Hexxat
(BGII:EE, EET) added reply options to Dorn's, Rasaad's, and Hexxat's romance to end them with respect to an (BG1) engagement with Gavin
(BGII:EE, EET) set flag 22 for all Gavin .cres (b!gav08.cre, b!gav13.cre)
(BGII:EE, EET) disabled all fixes and ids patches
(crossmod) added compatibility with Skip Chateau Irenicus
(crossmod) corrected reaction to Chanelle encounter (RE)
(crossmod) moved master Siman a bit away from Aurora in the area
(internal) deleted unused files from mod folder
(internal) handling of audio files via HANDLE_AUDIO
(internal) included tilesets as tis and removed all tisunpack instances
(internal) traify-ing of the whole mod. journal entries are in journal-gavin_bg2.tra
(internal) "MKDIR ~portraits~" from tp2 removed
(internal) corrected kit.ids patching using [ %TAB%]
note in the readme that the mod depends on oggdec for linux
readme: link to modmerge for EE
Updated installer to WeiDU v240






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