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Gemrb on shield k1


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Hello, so with all the excitement about pst:we I thought I'd play it through again.

I've ransacked the forums but am still left scratching my head, I'm also a complete space cadet when it comes to these things.

I've grabbed the latest version of gemrb from source forge and installed it. On running I get a black screen then the app quits out.

I have a folder called gemrb which also has a bg2 folder inside.

I know I need to edit a cfg file but where do I find this?

Again sorry for being an idiot.

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Right I was being a total space cadet. The way the shield moved files between internal memory and the SD card threw me off.

Got it working, just need to sort my config file a little better.

Should I post it here in case any other people are spanners such as myself?

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