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With the following code:

//Item functions.
//Make new, minimally functional item.
DEFINE_ACTION_FUNCTION ~make_new_item~ STR_VAR item = ~null~ BEGIN
    //Create null item.
    COPY ~...inlined/null.itm~ ~override/%item%.itm~
        //Expand to proper size.
        INSERT_BYTES 0x00 114

LAF ~make_new_item~ STR_VAR item = ~g#ring01~ END

Weidu insists on creating a file with 118 bytes. If I change 114 to 110, I get the 114 bytes so 4 extraneous bytes are being added somewhere along the line. Bug or am I missing something?


Arch-linux with bg2 installed in a case-insensitive partition, weidu 240. More details, just ask.

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