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Adding lines to a .2da file


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Great. Had to space it out a bit, but it works. Fwiw, I'll include this my SR fix/tweak. In short, Wish cheese will actually be balanced. You will only be able to cast it via scrolls - it won't be possible to write it down in your spellbook nor pick it for your sorcerer. Will remain an optional component, ofc. I'll see what I can do about making all options always available, rather than relying on random dice.

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Yea, but I doubt many people will use it :). Btw, while you're here - I've just installed M&G mod. Why can't I install "scout and revised swashbuckler" component? I see a "FORBID" in .tp2, so that kinda explains the technicalities...but is there a reason to do so?

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Note that there are different implementations of HIDESPL.2da; the ToBEx/Taimon implementation uses one less column than the EE implementation. I would do a COUNT_2DA_COLS check first i.e.

COPY_EXISTING "HIDESPL.2da" "override"
  COUNT_2DA_COLS hidespl_col_num
  PATCH_IF hidespl_col_num = 3 BEGIN // If EE version is used
    INSERT_2DA_ROW 0 3 ~myspell 1 0~
  PATCH_IF hidespl_col_num = 2 BEGIN // If ToBEx version is used
    INSERT_2DA_ROW 0 2 ~myspell ****~

This will add your spell as the first row of HIDESPL.2da.

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I think we planned to write one or more functions for modifying hidespl.2da because then we could deal with any differences from the different formats there. (In the meantime, our shortcut was to include a pre-built hidespl.2da file for each format and install whichever one was appropriate.)


Doing it in a function would also make it possible to safely handle the situation where the spell is already listed in the file.

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