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Please post any bugs or typos here. Make sure to specifiy the game you are playing (BG1, Tutu, BGT, BG:EE, or EET) and which version of the mod (Windows, Mac, Linux).

If possible, please post your WeiDU.log so I can see which other mods were installed.

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Ok, very first bug and at the very first quest - Unexpected Help. Game freezes when you accept the quest. Dialog with Linda goes well all the way to the end but with the last words "I will not go there untill he is ready to talk", instead of getting journal pop-up, you get frozen game ("Baldur's Gate II: EE is not responding").


Bug can be cured by EEkeeping in Global Variable C#Q08_KNOWSABOUTARM and Journal entry (though, entry does not appear in the game, and only become visible after talk with Trun, after the quest goes to the "done" section).


Btw, journal entry has String Ref 273030, while in my other EET installation it is 273029.


(Not sure if any of the above makes sense but here what I was able to dug up)

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Thank you for playing gqe and I'm sorry it froze your game.
I'm always fascinated if bugs appear at places where I supposedly didn't change anything for the last 10 updates. But I guess it's somehow connected to the rearrangement of setup / game translation lines for v16, that is the only thing that's changed. If so, then this doesn't bode well for the rest of the mod. (Unless, of course, noone played the quest for the last year or so, that would be also a possibility).


Am I right in assuming you are not playing with the v2.5 beta of EE?

Thank you the report, I am on it.

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Yeah, I got it. I need to manually reload the tra-file containing the journal entries after doing the utf-8 transformation (because the automatic one doesn't work as intended in the way I use it). Ah, this is stupid and I could have known that. Sorry, will upload v17 soon.


You need to reinstall, unfortunately.


Thank you for reporting and I am glad I used the symbol ("fiancé") in this dialogue or it wouldn't have come up that early in the game.

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The game version is indee pre-v2.5. Should we assume all the mods are adjusted to v2.5 since now on? Not a problem, just would be nice to be sure.


Thank you for the fix. As usual, simple re-install of the mod only would do nothing and EET has to be re-installed too along with all the mods? (I know, I know, it's not the firs time I am asking, yet, somehow still hoping for the answer - go ahead, it will be fine :) )


(Btw, bug might be not reported simply because people normally do not touch something working (previous installations) and did not play v.16 yet :) I did it only because of BWS testing.)

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If bgqe was installed directly to EET after the conversion, updating it would mean deinstalling all mods after (including EET-end.exe) and reinstalling in the same order but not necessarily deinstalling EET. If you are using BWS and make a copy of your weidu log, maybe it's easier to just set it up anew.


Concerning compatibility of mods with patch 2.5 I don't know yet. Only thing I know is some more content for which e.g. bg1npc and bg1ub have to be adjusted.

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Update to v18!


-"A Warm Place for Noober": now gives 150 XP. Farmer Karp refers to her sister instead of a wife (English, German, French)

- (BG1:TotSC) "Many little paws" Minsc's hamster dialogue should not trigger a second time instead of kick-out dialogue

-renamed readmes to %LANGUAGE%.bgqe.txt

-update to WeiDU v246

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