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v12 is out: EET compatibility


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Version 12 of RE is available from the official downloads page.

There is also a Linux version available.



  • removed portraits with unclear copyright status
  • added HANDLE_CHARSETS for BGII:EE compatibility
  • changed audio installation to HANDLE_AUDIO
  • added EET compatibility
  • added readme description to installation procedure (OSX / Linux)
  • "Bjornin's Desire": moved Bjornin's spawn location a tiny little bit so he doesn't stand right at the wall for switched area graphics in BGII:EE
  • "Eldoth's Exploits" (for BGII:EE and EET): lines about Skie will be skipped with regard to happenings in SoD (no spoilers)
  • Updated to Weidu 240
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