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Mira: Game freezes

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Hello !


I got a nasty little bug with Mira, I ask her about her "special stock", I buy her the potion and the book, I ask her about the mages, the thieves and an inn, all goes well. But when I ask her to show me her shop, the game freezes. Is there anything I can do to fix this ? I play BG2EE on Windows 7 64x.



Thanks by advance.

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Got it, thanks for these informations.


EDIT : I digged a bit more and find out it could be an incompatibility between a mod to have the game translated to french and RE. I'll seek answers on this side. Thank you again for your help and keep up the good work ;)

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You ask ~Yes, certainly, can I see what you have for sale?~

Mira has this line to open her shop

~But of course! You'll find that Mira is no kobold when it comes to quality and affordability!~ (state5 of shop01.dlg)


If you see that line or the french equivalent, there is no problem. If you do not see it, then some symbol in the french text causes the crash.

If it is not the text, then it may be some item in shop01.sto added by a mod. You should then run the changelog tool for shop01.sto.


(The english version of the modded Mira dialogue and shop works without issue for me.)

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It is related to the items actually. Whenever I enter a shop or check inventory after buying the potion or the book, the game freezes.

If I put the game back in english, no crashes at all, the game works just fine (only mod texts display "Invalid XXXXXX" because the mods have been installed in french, so it is normal).


I think I'll just not play with extra mods in addition to the french mod, not until the game is officially translated.

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