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Melody and Bard Song Icon/Detect Objects


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Well, you can easily get rid of the default bard song sound by simply silencing its .wav file (ACT_01.WAV). OTOH, if you want a separate bard song sound for each kit, you'd need to insert a "Play Sound" effect into the bard song .spl files for each kit. There are several, issues with this though.


The bard song timing behavior is very wonky in my experience. For example, the song effect often overlaps with itself and doesn't always cue when it should, which was one of the main reasons why I dropped the bardsong stacking prevention from RR. Furthermore, since the bard song "refreshes" itself approximately once per round, you'd have to either use very short .wav files for your songs or find a different method for doing this. IMO, Igi's suggestion with setting a global via bardsong and using BALDUR.BCS or DPLAYER3.BCS for playing the actual tune would work much better.

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