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SHS: Colours of Infinity mods updated


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I'm happy to inform you, that all CoI mods were updated in late May. I apologize for a delay in informing you about this - it was because of some technical problems I encountered.

Colours of Infinity is a mod series that offer players new, unique adventures. Visit Deep Gardens - a hidden place full of mysterious essences; find Innershaded - a new village in the middle of forest; meet the White Queen of the Silent Swamps; and Orion from the Government District and help him in his researches. CoI also includes two fully-developed NPC mods: Yvette and Foundling.

New versions of all these mods include: EET compatibility, better EE support, new translations and many bugfixes. Installation of all CoI mods was simplified to make it easier for new mod users.


Learn more about the changes in new version here


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