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Version 2.0 with 4 new components!

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Version 2.0 is out with the following four new components. Enjoy!

The Messenger 2: Rain or Snow or Gloom of Night, by Thimblerig and tibicina

Not rain nor snow nor gloom of night shall stay a messenger of the Longwalker Messenger Guild from their duty but a bandit attack will. A dying halfling on the Coast Way wants you to deliver his last package of letters: a bundle of love, laughter, and loss for various inhabitants of the Sword Coast.

Camryn and Tamah, by tibicina

Before the departure from Candlekeep, the PC is told the story of the love-affair and eventual breakup of Camryn, the Master Illuminator and Scribe for Candlekeep, and his headstrong lover, Tamah. Should the PC be willing, s/he can collect up to thirteen (teen version: ten) letters written by Camryn and expressing his feelings on different aspects of his love for Tamah. These letters, if taken to Tamah, will influence the outcome of the pair's long-standing love-affair.
Note: The letters are hidden in books, as the PC learns if returning the book to Phlydia in Candlekeep. To make the books unique, they are given a slight different image than the normal books in BG1. To remove the letters from the books, place each book into the quick item slot and "execute" via quick item bar. For each book, this will put the book (without letter) and a letter into the inventory.


Minor Disclosures, by jastey
Elfong Tavern has a neat little room for private encounters but it's difficult to have private meetings when there is no door that can be locked... So, it's not the PC's fault if s/he interrupts a flirtatious dinner by walking into it once or twice, or thrice... is it?


Cloakwood Lovers, by tibicina

There's a chapel and altar in the mines. Why not a wedding? Love, as we all know, can happen anywhere, and bandits and mercenaries have feelings, too. Of course, Cordelia and Dispero have chosen the worst possible day to have their wedding when they get uninvited guests - you!

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@tibicina I am kicking myself so hard for missing the book in the Cloakwood Mines, because somehow I did (I didn't realize the books had a different icon at first), and that's the ONLY one I'm missing and of course it's the one I can't go back for because those mines are flooded now. So I was able to give Tamah 12/13 letters.  I'm really hoping she'll still return to Candlekeep with only twelve - I am very emotionally invested in this fictional romance now, okay?

I'm trying to decide if I want to go digging in NearInfinity for the book codes so I can CLUA in the one I'm missing now.

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Do not worry.

You need to give her at least 9 letters for her to acknowledge her still present love for him when the PC talkes to her after bringing the books.

It needs to be at least 5 letters to get the happy ending scene back in Candlekeep.

So, all good. :) Only thing for the quest to proceed is that your PC needs to urge her to make a decision before you leave for Candlekeep so the quest can continue.

Just in case you are curious: the missing book in the Cloakwood Mines has the item code "TITOME10.itm".

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