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SR V4 Beta 15

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- more fixes to Haste_slow and petrification code - this should really be fixed now, with everything working as intended

- Imprisonment permanent animation fix (removes the graphic overlay playing forever, even after you die)

- Haste reverted to AoE due to popular demand and to avoid some AI glitches. It looses it's THAC0/AC/save bonuses and has a scaling duration (1turn + 1 round/level)

- Free action spell was preventing petrification due to fact it uses immunity to HOLD2 opcode. None of Item Rev items use this, so I assume it's a bug on SR side. This will also lead Implosion to hold people that have FA on.

- included HLAs from KitRevisions as an optional component //( if I get the time) I'll do this in a few days.

- Pro Elemental Energy casting time made instant. Previously, you'd cast the spell, wait for casting to be over, then you'd get the menu, then you'd cast the protection you want. Not cool, now you go to the menu instantly (a la vanilla Spell Immunity spell)

- Flame Arrow damage slightly nerfed (save removed so it's 1d6 missile + 1d6 fire per missile). Demi suggested it since this spell is crazy when used on sole targets, and I agree it needs to be toned down slightly.

It's still a powerhouse.

- Waves of Fatigue buffed - it's now marked as a disable, it does what it's name suggest (increases fatigue level by "a day's worth"), it's effects are stackable, it no longer penalizes movement or THAC0 explicitly. It still has a short duration to compensate. This spell wasn't worth a 5th level slot by any means. Now, it's a valid sorcerer pick, if you don't believe me check out what "fatigue" opcode does in this game. :D

- storm shield now works vs inc.cloud as well and doesn't stack with itself anymore. Probably oversights.

- insect-type spells no longer panick the target, they make them berserk for 6 seconds on failed save. I really don't feel as if people who chase dragons and liches should be afraid of insects, but they might get mad at them....this is a buff to the spell. And you'll probably want to remove the insects somehow (ZoSA and Gust of Wind will disperse them).

- priest spell magic resistance is no longer dispellable by spell removals - while MR does protect you from magic, I cannot envision this as a "spell protection" - those are Deflections and Globes imo

- Physical Mirror spell is nerfed; it can block only one melee attack per combat round (this also removes the nonsensical "you cannot cast more contigency yada yada" message). Self explenatory, and if you're playing on "easy" difficulty you'd never, ever get hit. Now the spell is a bit more balanced for it's level and duration. And the apperantly hardcoded message won't appear anymore.

- Same goes for wizard's Reflected image.

- Globe of Blades is tweaked to be a buffed version of Blade Barrier, doing 2d6 damage per 2 seconds and it's damage no longer allows a save. This spell wasn't changed in the big v4 changes, and it allowing a save while lvl6 version wasn't isn't cool. In addition, you can now use these spells together.

- disabling effects from Chromatic orb can now be countered by Break Enchantment

- Ray of Enfeeblement is now coded as disable, thus is counterable by BE. Maybe it would be better if some other spell countered this like Restoration, I don't know.

- Wizard spell Detect Illusion power fixed so it bypasses spell protections. This was buggy. I've checked how it worked in vanilla setup, it is indeed cast "on point" so SR keeps the same targeting.

- (Minor) Globe of Invulnerability and Spell Trap duration set to fixed 2 turns. GoI and MGoI should now be a bit more valid in early BG2 and BG1. This will also buff SCS mages in BG1 who love MGoI.

- workaround for Imprisonment - 1 turn after it's cast on a character, he will reapear (but will die instantly), this way having someone imprionmented no longer botches the game w/o a freedom scroll. This looks rather odd when you see it :rolleyes: , I'll see what I can do about it.

- ditto Flesh to Stone, character will die if effect isn't cured

- Wail of Banshee has a no-save Deafness effect added, 2 rounds duration. To make the spell a bit more useful for it's level.

- Wizard spell Greater Malison has a fixed 2 turns duration, in addition to lowering saves it now penalizes Luck by one for it's duration. I did this for two reasons. One, I don't think Malison with -2 to saves is a worthwile pick for level 4 (stoneskin, break enchantment, ice storm etc.?). Now, this spell increases the damage output of your spell quite a bit, even on succesfull saves. Second reason is that enemies get a way to lower your Luck score.

- things such as Web (all sources) and Grease can be countered by Freedom and Break Enchantment. Tnx to Serg_Blackstrider for pointing this out. Freedom really should counter Web.

- a fixpack for various secondary types from innates to HLAs (most of warrior and thief HLAs are no longer dispellable via breach or spell removals), charms, confusions etc.

This I made when I noticed I couldn't dispel demon charm with Break Enchantment. Turns out, there's a lot of stuff coded wrongly; neither Fixpack nor EE fix those. SR now does. :)

- double-strings from spells like Breach/Pierce Shield etc. removed. If the target has no protections on, no strings are "automatically" displayed anymore.

What you would see in the game (and if you're not using SR you'll still be seeing it) is that when you'd cast example Breach, you'd get a message in feedback window like:

"Combat protections dispelled"

"Specific protections removed"

Now the messages don't appear at all if nothing is removed, and they appear if you actually remove something. Since spell removals use "remove type protections" opcode "display string" opcode is useless, the line displayed is select from a .2da file

- Spellstrike now causes 100% spell failure rate for 6 seconds, then 50% for the next 6 seconds, no save. This works vs both priests and mages. When used vs SCS, it will effectively shut down casting for 2 rounds (triggers/contingency can be used however). This spell was (imo) completely overshadowed by Pierce Shield, now it should be a valid pick.

- Pierce Shield is nerfed, it no longer removes *specific* protections. It can still remove *combat* and *spell* protections, as well as get rid of Dispelling Screen. Again, this spell is probably the only removal you'll want to use, but at least I found I way to nerf it a bit. It's still rather op.

- Moment of Prescience is buffed slightly - in addition to +20 AC vs specific weapon types, it now grants additional +10 generic AC. I've mostly done this so that even archers/kensai have trouble bypassing it. I should also add backstab immunity probably...


On EE istalls

206 opcode is removed from most spells (where applicable) are removed in favor of 321 opcode EE uses. This means that you'll be able to refresh Blur/Armor of Faith/whatever w/o worrying about "spell innefective" message, duration will be renewed and spells won't stack with itself.

This will make for a more "fluid" gamplay, you'll no longer need your protections to expire but rather refresh them when you have the time in battle to do so. This is (imo) far better, and while it can be mimicked on vanilla engine, doing so would take much more time, and I don't know how much secondary types are available for using. Since the number of spells in this code is rather big, this is; and will stay, an EE-only component. This automatically gets installed on EE games, and is skipped on non-EE games.


Lastly, I've included my work on this. This is (especially the "regxp" part of it) kinda prone to flunky stuff; I'm gonna play through the game and see if I messed up something. Overall, it should (and does) work, and will allow for some splendid stuff in the future. While this was kinda implemented in SR already, the way it's handled on old engine is very limited, and can't work for negative resistances. What would happen is that, example, Pro Fire would make you immune to Fireball but if your fire resistance would get lowered you'd still be immune to it.

With it - what you get is:

- no zero-damage disruption from spells if target is immune

- if you're immune to a certain spell, it won't eat up Deflection charges anymore (ring of FA will fully block Symbol:Stun, so that's 8 layers extra)

- people immune to ill effects like Vampire Fear are now immune to "bad" sideffects of it like THAC0 penalty etc.

- if you're poision immune (think vanilla Cavalier) you can now stand it the middle of a Cloudkill and laugh at enemies. No more "x is immune to y damage" message.

- race immunities are fairly standardized now

- etc.


This will parse only on EE installs.





I haven't tried installing this version on old engine, and can't do so since I've retired my BG games for good.

While it should work, chances are an EE-specific opcode sneaked through somewhere. If it did, this will very likely lead to instant game crash. If it happens, let me know.



quickfix for 321 opcode not working since it was being added as last effect, while it should be first. Reuploaded.



ofc it didn't work again...reuploaded. :thumbsup:


With the release of SR V4 Beta 16, I'm closing this discussion. Please leave comments for SRv4b16 in this thread.

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For Update no.2


- Stalker's Haste fixed to obey the same rules as wizard spell

- Stalker is apperantly intended to use Non-Detection rather than MSD. Now the spell gets applied properly for them.

- due to a typo, a few clerical spells doing fire damage would still work on fire-immune stuff, fixed

- due to me editing main SR spell component via NI, I forgot to export the tweaked Physical Mirror spell. Fixed.

- more secondary type fixes, now charms/holds/confusions from traps I missed should be de-enchantable

- few more spells added to eestat code

- first go at HLAs (only three for now - Hardiness, WW and GWW), this is added as a seperate component. WW and GWW no longer set apr to 10 but double it instead, and they last for 2 rounds. HArdiness (and wish option) now grant +20% resistance to all damage types bar poison

- mage spell Web is now really a disable

- spell descriptions are updated


Link is in the first post.

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Update 3

- Stalker's haste should remove slows and get dispelled by them

- fixed several spells that got busted by 321 opcode due to wrong targeting

- hopefully descriptions work now

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Some other things: True sight sometimes dont work. I casted at shade lich at unseeing eye, Lich was blinking couldnt target it.

Is abidalzhim suppose to work on undead? Again i casted it to shade lich, it was damaged by it.

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I'm not sure what you mean by: True sight doesn't work...it's not supposed to make imp.invisible creatures visible. You should be able to target them with spells, but only if the caster has True Sight effect.

ADHW, no it's not supposed to work vs undead. I'll fix this in the next major update, where plenty of such things will be considered. Enjoy it while it lasts...

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I mean if it is a graphical glitch or something related to true sight i dont know. When i casted true sight, Lich began blinking within seconds. It is visible for half a second then become invisible other half. It took 30 secs or so until it become visible and targetable. During blinking, the cursor doesnt recognize it as a targetable object. When i mouseover. I cant click it. It seems to me a graphical glitch rather than spell related though.


Edit: Any plans to make some of lvl 8 arcane spells more appealing? During my solo sorc playthrough, i struggled to choose my lvl 8 spells. Adhw, simulacrum and spell trigger are the only ones which I felt feasible for sorc. I wanted another dmg spell but Incendary cloud was too weak in terms of dmg. Bigby hand was also too weak, it made 13 cold dmg to target first round and gone at second round. Fiend spell was unreliable and i didnt want another summon. If i dont take the meteor swarm as lvl 9 spell, only damaging feasible dmg spell is adhw which wont work on undead.

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I mean if it is a graphical glitch or something related to true sight i dont know. When i casted true sight, Lich began blinking within seconds. It is visible for half a second then become invisible other half. It took 30 secs or so until it become visible and targetable. During blinking, the cursor doesnt recognize it as a targetable object. When i mouseover. I cant click it. It seems to me a graphical glitch rather than spell related though.

EE issue; can't do anything about it. :(

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locally I fixed the lack of headers for the Inquisitor's Dispel Magic (SPCL231.SPL) for levels lower than 6.


It is just for the benefit of BGT/EET players, I guess... Would you mind fixing this on your side too?

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