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SR V4 Beta 15

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Oh, it seems the latest version(s) of Weidu is busted or something - on version 24500 on a clean non-EE install, I have BG2 Fixpack failing to install with the same sort of "illegal 2-byte read" error. Downgrading weidu seemed to have fixed it.


(e): If you install SR first, and you use the Big World Fixpack's fixes, seems like everything installs fine and the spells in question are okay (although no doubt missing whatever latest changes the EEs have made). But installing SCS first corrupts those spells, and it's difficult to decipher why. So...if you use both mods, just install SR first (like you're supposed to anyways).

Oh wow, Wisp should be informed of this...


If that's RE: weidu, I actually went to the weidu website and learned that 24600 is the latest version, and that seems to work fine (whereas 24500 consistently made BG2 Fixpack fail), so that problem seems to have already been solved.


@Luke: I see. SR reverts that change, since it hasn't been updated to take advantage of it, so that's why SCS suddenly works again. I checked all of the listed spells and items (for BG2) after installing, and none of them seem to be corrupted when installing SR first and then SCS second...but of course, the spell-state doesn't dispel itself when the spell deflection is exhausted, either.

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That's because SR overwrites those spells with its own versions - which do not have the new EE 2.5 behavior.

It's not even SCS that has problems with those spells, it's the Detectable Spells function inside SCS. DS has been update in a few other mods, like RR... we just need someone (Wisp? Mike?) to put the updated version of DS into mods like SCS and SR.

The illegal 2-byte read thing is unrelated, it was due to a bug in Weidu 245, which has been fixed in Weidu 246.

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I am getting the following error while installing as part of EET on SoD 2.3 and BG2EE 2.5. I ran the Big World Fixpack prior to installing.

ERROR: Failure("SPIN920.SPL: read out of bounds")

I tried the fix suggested on Beamdog about exporting spells via NI and then placing into /override. I still got the same error.


Install order:

BG1NPC Music
BG1 Unfinished Business *all


BGE Mini Quests and Encounters *all
Sirene’s Call
Back to Brynnlaw

de’Arnise Romance
Banter Pack
Crossmod Banter

Item Revisions
Spell Revisions

Unfinished Business
The Wheels of Prophecy
Thief Stronghold
Skip Chateau Irenicus

Divine Remix
Song & Silence *all
Rogue Rebalancing
Refinements *shapeshifting fix

Tweaks Anthology
EET Tweaks
UITweaks *permanent thieving button
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DrAzTiK -


Looks like Ascension v15 Beta.

K4thos -


I didn't think it was related to EET. I was just trying to give as much info about my install to narrow things down. I tried the fix in the Beamdog post, like I mentioned, but I will try again. I exported from a backup of a clean install. I'll try downloading a new version of BG2EE and export the spells to see if that works.

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Re: crashes on non-EE games. Since I'm still playing BGT, I put together this small tool that enumerates and then removes every single opcode that might cause the game to crash from spells (I didn't bother making it do that on one run, so it does two, which is not efficient but it does it's job so who cares).

COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~^.+\.spl$~ override
  PHP_EACH ab_array AS int => ab_off BEGIN
    GET_OFFSET_ARRAY2 fx_array ab_off ITM_V10_HEAD_EFFECTS
    PHP_EACH fx_array AS int => fx_off BEGIN
      READ_SHORT fx_off fx_type
      PATCH_IF fx_type > 318 BEGIN
        PATCH_PRINT "%SOURCE_RES%.spl has invalid opcode %fx_type%"

COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~^.+\.spl$~ override
    INT_VAR opcode_to_delete = 328

The first part is just there to check if there's anything more that might make the game crash, the second one removes everything that actually does (at least in my install), so it can be left alone and this should still work, given your install is only using that opcode.


This is what someone was reporting about four pages ago. MGoI had an 328 on it and was insta-crashing every single time, leaving no more information that saying it was related to CGEffect.cpp or some shit, which made me quickly realise it had to be this. I'd encourage whoever is currently managing SR to at least include the last action on the code I'm posting here.

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Is it worth it using Spell revision currently? Because I don't understand if there are risks of duplicate, risks of issues inside the game or any possible issue whatsoever.

I'm going to not trust anymore anything by Demiurgus given the premises, it's been 12 years and we still don't have a definitive version.

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I'm going to not trust anymore anything by Demiurgus given the premises, it's been 12 years and we still don't have a definitive version.


Hey, that's how the creative process works. Sometimes you get new ideas that replace old ideas - or after a certain amount of playtesting, you realize that your new ideas maybe weren't quite as good as the old ideas to begin with, and there was a reason things were that way before. And sometimes you get bored with how something works and want to change it up just for the sake of doing something new. And other times...you majorly change the design of something, but then forgot to update its description - or vice versa. These things happen.

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No reason for panic... v4b15 is extremely stable and works extremely well, even some of the more experimental ideas are working great.


Now, there have been some game updates while nobody has been maintaining the mod, and that's always going to mean a bit of trouble. But it hardly follows that "Demivrgvs can't be trusted."

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