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BGEE - Glitchy Background During Dialog - Spotty Patches

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So, first of of all, this is my first post and I tried to search for a bug reporting forum first. I also read the readme for a link. I might have completely missed it, and if I did, I apologize. I know it's annoying when you see this type of thing time and time again.


That being said, I'm playing through BG1:EE with two mods. The first one is the BG1 NPC Project mod and the second one is the Baldur's Gate II Tweaks. Both are great! I'm having this weird issue in which there are glitchy patches in the dark areas of the map. It seems to only happen in cities, and it seems to only happen when I'm in dialog.


I have the mod set to reveal city maps, which I think may be what's causing it. I can disable that and try it without that on, but I have not yet.


Does anybody have this problem? Any way I can fix it? At first, it wasn't so bothersome, but it gets worse and worse as it flashes in odd manners. I should probably have tried turning it off before posting. I'll reply after I try it.


Thanks! Great mods and thanks so much for them!

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Okay, so after uninstalling the Reveal Cities portion of the mod, the glitches continued for the city I had already visited. However, when I walked around the city as if I was revealing the map the way the game intended, the problem went away.


So, if there's anybody else who has this problem, just walk around the city like normal and it should fix.



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