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IWD:EE soundsets/portraits

Alfa Kilo

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These components were made for patch 1.x based on different GUI system (some data used by this stuff was taken from bgee.ini, which no longer exists in patch 2.x games). Considering IWD:EE is still on patch 1.4, in order to support it I would need to rewrite the code to read from INI and patch LUA file. Awkward especially due to the fact that IWD:EE will be updated soon with patch 2.x. I don't know how LUA file will look there, so can’t even write a code for upcoming patch. I decided to completely remove them.

Either way IWD-in-EET will import these resources by default, so components would be useless when the mod is released. Considering the tweak pack is mostly for EET either way I don’t think these components will return in future (I'm not interested in testing stuff like this after each patch for all games).


btw. there are many more components that have been axed in recent release due to similar reasons.

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