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Couple of questions regarding the state of the mod


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0. You archive contains files inside "backup" folder, please remove whole folder because it is unnecessary.

1. Any reasons why BWFixpack fixes wasn't implemented ?

2. It's been more than 2 years since there is a solution which will make you mod compatible with EE for foreign languages ( HANDLE_CHARSET ) do you have any plans for it?

3. New Refinements contains code which patches HLA tables rather than overwriting them. Do you consider using it for Oversight?

4. Do you consider adding EET compatibility in the reasonable future?

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4. Do you consider adding EET compatibility in the reasonable future?


Nothing has to be changed in Oversight regarding EET compatibility (since chapter variable and GAME_IS are not used), so feel free to mention it in the readme once (if?) the mod is updated for BG2:EE - as ALIEN mentioned in current state Oversight crashes EE engine when installed with any language other than English, due to missing HANDLE_CHARSETS, so it's not really compatible with BG2:EE either.

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Unnecessary files removed.


Looking at Refinements code sounds like a good idea.


For the others, Big World isn't my default; I'm not even sure what fixes you're referring to, but if they're not here they haven't jumped out at me as anything that should be part of this mod. I don't play or test on EE (which means, I realize, that I'm crazy and am still modding an old game after a newer version is out), so figuring out HANDLE_CHARSET is uncertain.

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Kish, I know you've said you don't play EE's, but would you consider updating Oversight for BG2EE? It shouldn't be that hard and I'm pretty sure there are modders out there that could lend a hand with it. This is one of the very few remaining mods that I dearly miss for BG2EE / EET.

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