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Ideas for Bard instruments


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Of course, some of these would depend on whether you got some good pictures...


Bone Flute


Flutes are one of the few instruments known world wide, and among various cultures (such as the Norse) they could be made from bone. So you could even have the party slay a powerful critter, and it leaves its femure behind...and it could be crafted to make a new magic item (Or just have it as a magic item immediately).


Anyways, playing it could Hold Undead...while it is played, the undead listen to its dirgeful tune.




Castanets of Dance


When the bard plays these items, their foes find their feet moving of their own accord, hindering them in combat.


Maybe use the Slow spell to represent the tangling of dancing feet, and knocking the speed of an opponent down?



Drums of Panic


A good old standby...when played, it makes foes flee.

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