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IR Revised V1.3.200 (2020 August 22nd)

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Um...wow, well, all I can say is that something went horribly wrong here with those guys, and that it's my fault, so I apologize for that. It was probably a remnant of something I had been experimenting with before IRR was ever actually released and forgot to revert (doubly embarrassing that this oversight has then probably been around for quite a while, then). The main one not having the Belt of Giant Strength is normal (that's now being held on the Shadow Dragon), but those guys were not supposed to get Delver's Plate (I think I was originally trying to give them Full Plate Mail +1, but even that's a bad idea because they already have pretty good natural AC...so I imagine that fight was a bit more difficult than it was supposed to be). Nor was the main Death Knight supposed to be lacking Soul Reaver AND Casiel's Soul. Ugh.


Drop all of the Delver's Plates and console cheat the proper items onto yourself:



(replace "CLUAConsole:" with just "C:" if you're on the Enhanced Editions)


1.12c released:

1. Fixes the above mega oversight.

2. Allows the Whistling Sword to stay on the real version of Arkanis Gath (since other mods like RR put it back on him anyways). Still no unique properties, though - just flavor.

3. Fixes Zargal's weapons (why did he have two enchanted short swords, a +1 and +2, when he didn't dual-wield them? Now he just keeps the +2).

4. Fixed a few magical weapons not being marked as magical (e.g. Jan's crossbow).

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Thanks, that'll go into into the next hotfix! Probably inherited from the original file from BG1.


1.12d ongoing patch notes:

1. Claw of Kazgaroth was accidentally given "panic" icon instead of "cursed". Phooie.

2. World's Edge missing enchantment property.

3. Moonblade not being a fire sword (among a couple of others for the EEs).

4. The "dual wielding changes" subcomponent considered Morningstars to be a "heavy" weapon, contrary to the readme.

5. Three additional settings.ini options for the Weapon Changes subcomponent (all defaulted to off):

halberds_can_slash_too = 0 // 1 adds a slashing mode to halberds that you can switch to and from, 2 means halberds always do slashing-piercing (whichever is better)
dual_mode_wakizashis = 0 // instead of 1D8 slashing (best light weapon in the game), wakizashis do 1D6 slashing-piercing (whichever is better)
waki_ninja_animations = 0 // wakizashis and ninja-tos use the original BG2 (non-1PP/EE) katana paperdoll; 1 means both types also use the short sword animation, while 2 means katana


(e): Now released.

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1.12e released:

1. Fixes a couple of compatibility problems with BG1(:EE). Should work again.

2. Two blunt weapons with special graphics were not being properly restored for EE games (...I don't recall exactly which ones they were, but I saw two filecheck-copy mismatches that were no doubt causing issues). (edit): Okay, they were BLUN13's (Flail +2) animation change being applied to BLUN12 (Mace of Disruption), and WAFLAIL's (Defender of Easthaven) to (BLUN25) Mace of Disruption +4.

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1.12f released:

1. Fallorain's Plate was missing its AC line (BG1-only).

2. Wakizashi (non-enchanted) claimed it had a +1 THAC0 bonus - it does not, and was obviously not meant to (thanks, Luke).

3. If using the waki_ninja_animations setting above, Weapon Changes could no longer identify what a Ninja-To was due to the animation change. Their damage would consequently not update to 1D6 piercing. The item identification check has been fixed to account for this.

4. Additionally, the above animation option now uses 1pp's improved and less pixely animation that actually went unused in the latest version of 1PP and the EEs.

5. I have removed the disable_bow_apr_nerf setting, as bows were just way, way too strong with it enabled.

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1.12g released:
1. Axe of Hrothgar and Jerrod's Mace had out-of-date properties in their descriptions (Jerrod's claimed +1 saving throws, Hrothgar's +1 Wisdom, when they're supposed to be switched).
2. Nature's Ward inexplicable -3 missile penalty removed (inherited from vanilla IR - thanks to Serg BlackStrider for pointing it out).
3. Implements a cleaner (and hopefully functioning) way of doing a few BG1 items for BG1-only installs.
4. Ring of Human Influence inexplicably was using the wrong icon (...it used to share this with Ring of Regeneration, but since Ring of Regeneration no longer used that icon, it's silly to have NO rings use the normal one!).

5. Removed "Reaching Ring" as Ring of Acuity's sub-title (whoops - this was already Ring of Wizardry's, while Ring of Sorcery has the "Evermemory" sub-title).

6. Fixed a text regression involving a few Bracers of AC.

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Afraid that one's not on me. You may want to do a changelog on the creature in question to figure out what's doing that. Whatever mod did it is probably assuming that HALB03 is just a generic Halberd +2, but should actually be using HALB07, which is the real Halberd +2. That's something I worried about previously when I started fixing all the improper unique copies (although HALB03 is one that vanilla BG2 actually did correctly, IIRC - unlike the hordes of Whistling Swords and Telbar's Armors used throughout BG2). May need a more drastic measure that goes through every single creature.

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1.12h released (took a little longer than I wanted due to being both ill and busy).

1. BG2 Fixpack introduces *another* variant of Ring of Wizardry, OHRINGWI, that it replaces BG2 copies of, that IR did not previously handle. Now it does.

2. BG2 Fixpack's optional Holy Symbols component was not being handled. Now they will match with the other Holy Symbols if that component is installed (if you don't have it installed, they will not appear). You can find my slightly improved (and less pixely) icons for them here. These are not included by default with IRR.

3. If Boomerang Dagger didn't have its correct icon in BG2:EE, that's now fixed.

4. Telbar's Armor +2 is now its own unique filename (dvleat02) for BG2/T-games, due to the fact that I am a dummy and the last couple of versions were turning copies of the restored Telbar's Armor into Studded Leather Armor +3 (which I had thought was a generic Studded Leather +2, but discovered it was not. Whoops.). If you are playing BGT, Telbar's Armor is placed onto the correct person in BG1, which I think is...Sendai? Also fixes Telbar's description for BG1-only games.

5. Fallorain's Plate +1's price is slightly increased and its strength requirement reduced by 2 compared to normal Plate Mail +1, simulating a permanent lightness spell similar to Dwarven Shield +2 (Fallorain's is still only obtainable in BG1 on one of the mercenary-assassin groups).

6. Bolt of Polymorph's actual polymorphing effect was not actually being copied over ever since its enchantment level was changed (due to how that stuff works in item_content.tpa).

7. Some leather armor icon fixes (mostly relating to Armor of Missile Attraction).

8. Fixed a couple of Store Revisions inconsistencies.

9. Fixed missing Medium Shield (unenchanted) description icon for BG1/EE-only games.

10. Fixed incorrect description for World's Edge +3 on BG1/EE-only games when using the "Weapon Changes" subcomponent.

11. A couple more text fixes.


1pp fixes 1.03b released.

1. Boomerang Dagger didn't have its proper icon due to 1PP mysteriously overwriting its normal icon for Dagger of Venom's.

2. Long Sword +2 didn't have its proper colors due to 1PP previously having mysteriously made it into a clone of Long Sword +3. I had sort of fixed this already, but the colors were still not correct - now they are.


(e): IRR 1.12i ongoing patch notes:

1. Joril's Dagger is like a million gold for no apparent reason.

2. A few more BG1-only fixes (thanks, Luke).

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Some of the lines from the Purifier description are missing ingame, but if you remove the "<" from the description all the lines shows up.


I'm talking about the lines:

14 or more - Deafened
<14 - Blinded, and deafened
<10 - Paralyzed, blinded, and deafened
<5 - Killed

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