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IR Revised V1.3.400 (2021 March 17th)

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Oh, yeah, I think I remember why I did that - to make them consistent with other non-enchanted throwables like throwing daggers (enchanted throwables have a melee form still). Hmm. It might make more sense to just make it so throwing daggers have a melee form, though...with the exception of poisoned throwing daggers. Or just let the inconsistency stand by letting just throwing axes have a melee form, I suppose. I'm not a hundred percent certain.

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I assume you're referencing the post from the "Future tweaks thread"? I'm not sure that it really belongs in IR, per se. Also, I only coded something to remove random treasures, not non-magical weapons and armors and the such. Should probably be asking Endurium for his mod that you can just install after IR if you want.

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Skin of the Forest: the Barkskin bonus is changed to +3 from +4 (this seemed too strong to me, but I could be swayed - as it stands, though, it is now effectively Leather Armor +6).


Skin of the Forest is supposed to give one a permanent Barkskin effect. In SR, it's +4 to AC. The armor itself gives immunity to the spell, so I'd leave it as +4. Considering you get this probably after killing Thaxy and getting his scales, I'd be surprised if anyone actually uses this armor piece.


Shadow Armor: does not follow subtledoctor's most recent changes in changing it to essentially the SR spell Ghost Armor - it instead stays Studded Leather Armor +3, though its Hide in Shadows bonus is increased to 20% (from 10%).


My idea was exactly this - SR's Ghost, but no physical damage reduction, nor AC bonus vs specific weapon types.


Trollhide Armor: loses the fire and acid penalties, but regeneration is halved (too similar to Pearly White Ioun Stone for my tastes).


Trollhide - I'd keep regen very high on this item. It's an end-game item.


Deep Guardian's Plate: spell level immunity now includes up to third level (effectively making it a permanent minor globe of invulnerability): however, that includes friendly spells as well like an actual Globe...for the time being. If friendly spells are to be allowed through, I would likely bring this back to only 2nd level spells.


This armor should be revised completely. Being immune to beneficial spells such as haste, bless etc. is bad. Having to unequip it to buff is horrible, and ai won't cope with it.

Shuruppak's Plate: gains the mithral property as per its description (more or less making it Full Plate Mail +4).


This item is (by Demi's intent) meant to become the ultimate barbarian armor. Type changed to splint...

Robe of the Apprenti: loses the spell memorization property (this made it way too strong for something that was supposed to be dirt cheap to make...), and instead it absorbs Cloak of the Shield's 5 base AC.



It may be dirt cheap, but is gained after clearing a big quest and with a fair bit of luck involved. Tbh, I never used this even with + spells bonus on it; other robes are just too good.


Sensate Amulet: loses the +5 HP bonus and Protection from Evil, receives hold and stun immunity and can be used by more than just clerics (attempt at a better item concept).


Ugh...no. While I agree pro evil and +5HP is weak, hold + stun are already on a bunch of items.


Pearly White Ioun Stone: fire and acid resistance penalties increased to -25% (from -15%), while the Troll ability is very mildly improved (to be closer to a proper troll in BG2).


-25% is too harsh. I'd personally remove the neg resistance altogether, it's awful. Why would anyone use this? It looks as a cursed item.


Gauntlets of Healing: regeneration ability changed from 1/three rounds to 1/five rounds, but instead of the terrible Lay On Hands ability, it now grants one usage of Heal (I'm still a little uncomfortable with this design, as it seems too strong for something that early...but it's not the end of the world).


This is now something you'll keep in your inventory for the whole game and never actually equip other than to cast a Heal in the middle of combat (uniterruptible).

Bands of Focus: AC changed from 3 to 2.


They should be tweaked. The classes using those are monk and kensai. Monk's AC is way better than this, so they should add ac to monks, while setting it to kensai.


Boots of Speed: I personally have always hated these boots, because their only use is typically to exploit the AI or split up the group, both of which are pretty lame. Taking from Boots of Phasing, these boots actually now have a small passive use in combat, a +1 bonus to AC.


I mentioned this to Demi, he always said that people were so used to them that any change would not be welcome. Fwiw, imo Boots of Speed are the single most broken item in the game and any tweak to them is good.


Arbane's Sword: loses the Hastening ability (don't think this was even implemeneted in base IR, if I recall correctly), and has a 1x Haste for 1 turn ability instead.


I think it was implemented. The idea is to use this sword in combat, not for it's 1x/day usable ability.

Suryris's Blade: loses the Unbalanced property (-1/2 APR), Slashing property nerfed to 1D4 (from 1D10), Staggering property changed to a 50% chance of causing the target to lose one APR and suffer a -4 penalty to casting speed and a -2 penalty to movement speed for 1 round.


This item was built around KR's Barbarian; who doesn't rely on apr much to deal damage but on killing enemies to gain Cleave attacks.



Heartseeker: the Heartseeking property now has a 15% chance (from 10% - still no save penalty and no extra damage applied for saving unlike the Vorpal property).


Iirc, this was supposed to be a 5% chance (given the range), but with the same (iirc, -2) penalty as all vorpal weapons.


Erinne Sling +3: now +4, now grants a +50% bonus to magic damage resistance, and the Energy Bullet property now does 1D6 magic damage (from 1D4).

Erinne Sling +4: now +5, now grants a +50% bonus to magic damage resistance


Too much. +



1) Single handed weapons don't go over +4.

2) most of items wit "+40 resistance to x" were "+50 resistance to x" before. There's a reason why it was tweaked to +40; mostly due to SCS targeting. 50 equals non valid target, so the resistance is mostly wasted.

3) regenerative items are vasty nerfed already compared to vanilla game. There's no reason to nerf them even more, given SR's Haste is no longer a double-regen spell. Tbh, I'd make all regen items +1/round, and those "specialized" (like regen ring) +2/round.

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Skin of the Forest: SR's Barkskin AC bonus is determined by level. For characters that are actually restricted to Leather Armor (e.g. Thieves), I'm pretty Leather Armor +6 that you can get pretty close to the start of the game is still pretty good, especially if you don't want to immediately fight the shadow dragon. I personally think the Shadow Dragon is pretty darned easy even without using summonables and using SCS's mega-HP dragons, so I can see the problem for you there, but that's more the fault of the game than IR's for stupidly putting two great leather (well, leather and hide) armors right on top of each other.


Shadow Armor: I really do not like that Shadow Armor concept. I actually meant to write you, not subtledoctor there. Somehow, I kept getting the two of you confused. I personally do not use damage resistance (settings.ini) to begin with, so that may be part of why I don't like this concept. That, and changing a classic item into just a permanent copy of an SR spell is...kind of not ideal to me.


Trollhide Armor & other Regeneration items: Maybe. I'm a little wary of letting regeneration stacking getting out of control.


Deep Guardian Plate: I really don't like this item concept in general, to be completely honest. If you're going to have spell level immunity, you should really do it how other spell level immunity spells work. On the other hand, that means you're probably only ever going to put this on straight fighters, and yeah, you're probably gonna take it off for any pre-buffing. A re-design of some sort would be ideal.


Shuruppak's Plate: This was supposed to be Splint Mail? ...Okay, I just checked the latest version of IR - still definitely plate. That's a neat idea, though, but the Splint Mail category already has White Dragon Scale, while making Shuruppak's Splint Mail would mean there's no +5 Plate Mail.


Robe of the Apprenti: Hm? There's no luck involved in this quest if you go safe all the way, and these robes are the "safe" option. I think I'd rather have the original version of this cloak with bonus spells than the Staff of the Magi that kills all of your apprentices, to be completely honest, and that makes no sense to me.


Sensate Amulet: Sort of. Personally, I hate that Free Action protects against stun (it really should not do so, IMO - being stunned has absolutely nothing to do with your "freedom of movement", and now that I think about it, I think I will mass remove that property from Free Action for just myself, and maybe make it an ini tweak for those who want it), which is why this protection is already around in a few other places. If it did not, it would work much better.


Pearly White Ioun Stone: Disagree. It's pretty decent to convert your mage into a basic fighter without having to memorize a Polymorph Self.


Gauntlets of Healing: Definitely an item I struggled with to find a balance with. I never cheat with items like that, personally, so it's not an issue for me, but I can see other people doing exactly that.


Bands of Focus: I already actually sort of do that for all of my Bracers of AC, but it's for myself only. Depending on whether people want it, I could add it to IRR. Basically, how it works is that Bracers of AC 6-8 set your AC to just that like normal, bracers of AC 3-5 set your AC to one less than what they say AND add one AC on top of it (i.e. Bracers of AC 3 set your AC to 4 but then add +1 bonus AC), and Bands of Focus set your AC to 4 but add a +2 bonus to AC. I write it like this: "Armor Class: 2 (+2 bonus)".


Boots of Speed: Yep, I hate using these for their purported function, which is essentially to break and exploit the AI, and I hate wearing them out of combat because they just make moving around for the rest of the party painful. So...at least they do SOMETHING in combat now that's not just breaking the game.


Arbane's Sword: Thank you for reminding me about this. This is something I need to actually change back to its original concept and had planned to at one point, but forgot.


Suryri's Blade: Ah. Well, KR is kind of defunct for the time being...


Erinne Sling: With the nerf to Energy Burst (which was ridiculous), I kind of disagree, especially given that slings are such a bad weapon category to begin with.


No +5 Single-Handed Weapons: Short Sword of Mask? Angurvadal? Foebane? Flail of the Ages? Dagger of the Star?


+40% Resistance Items: More of an SCS problem than an IR problem, really. Even if you go that route, at the very least you could make it consistent. IR right now is just about evenly split between items and effects that grant 40% vs. 50% resistances.

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2) most of items wit "+40 resistance to x" were "+50 resistance to x" before. There's a reason why it was tweaked to +40; mostly due to SCS targeting. 50 equals non valid target, so the resistance is mostly wasted.

Unless I'm missing something (which given how complicated SCS can be, is entirely possible) the normal damage-resistance threshold in SCS is 75, not 50.

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