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IR Revised V1.3.400 (2021 March 17th)

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Going from 18 wisdom to 20 gives you one level 1, one level 2, and two level 4 spell slots. If you've used three Tomes of Understanding, going from 21 wisdom to 23 gives you one level 4 and three level 5 slots. Because of the wacky imbalance of wisdom bonus slots, I'm pretty hesitant to give hardly anything bonus wisdom (...and I've already given two more items bonus wisdom that clerics can use than normal IR - Amulet of the Seldarine and Jerrod's Mace). And while it's true that wisdom does benefit the (Limited) Wish spell, in practice, this ring will probably only be used by a cleric with high wisdom that'll have every good option already unlocked to begin with anyways, so giving bonus wisdom just piles on to that.

Unrelated: I'm pretty sure "djinni" is the plural form of the word, and "Summon Djinni" should really be "Summon Djinn".

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Yeah, I think you're right. Getting my memory confused between religious/mythological stuff and D&D, and it doesn't help that Baldur's Gate seems to interchangeably use them in a few places.

(e): From a cursory glance at a ToB dialog.tlk, the usage between djinn and djinni is indeed rather inconsistent. Djinn is used a whole bunch of times for singular, and djinni is used a handful of times for plural as well.

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just my opinion but potion of energy shielding should be nerfed a bit .  let's say +50 energy resistance and only  +5 bonus to all saves .

Currently, this potion make you really almost invincible even it is balanced by the fact  that  with revisited store component, we hace access to only 5 or 6 potions...

I would have prefer to have potions/ammunitions in illimited quantity in store : the price is already here to limit access to these items .

But yes, I use rogue rebalancing component making impossible to steal in store.



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Right now, it's somewhat balanced by its shorter duration (1 turn). Failing that, the effects could be separated into two different potions - perhaps replace Potion of Magic Dispelling with Energy Shielding (50% energy resistance), while the current Potion of Energy Shielding could be renamed to...uh...Potion of...Resistance or something (wow that's bad) that makes you automatically make all saving throws.

But uh, to be honest, as I've said before, I literally never use potions, so I don't really have a great feel for what should happen with them necessarily. I do think the Potion of Magic Dispelling is kind of an unnecessary addition, though, and it's probably better to have it get closer to its vanilla function in case AI ever tries to use it while expecting the standard effect (which I think I said before was Magic Resistance)? I don't know.

(e): Also, on a side-note, I've also entertained the idea of infinite supplies of ammunitions and potions (or even nonmagical? armors and weapons) for some of the non-thievable vendors. It is weird to me that you can buy or steal everything from vendors and they will literally never restock. It's just a lot of work to go over everything and figure out exactly what I might want to do, and also, again, I generally like to keep the status quo as it's not really my mod. As usual, I'll keep thinking about it.

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Hi - I have had an installation error when trying to install IRR, during the initial core component. 

I have the original (non-EE) game, BGT setup and manual install of mods.

I have extracted IR, then copied the IRR files over the top. Mods installed before this are (in order): ToBEX, BG2 Fixpack, BGT, Almateria's Restoration Project, Wheels of Prophecy, SRR. 

There are a few error messages:


AMUL25B.spl has invalid opcode 321

POTN02.spl has invalid opcode 328

POTN18.spl has invalid opcode 328

POTN21.spl has invalid opcode 328

POTN21.spl has invalid opcode 328

POTN22.spl has invalid opcode 328

POTN24.spl has invalid opcode 328

POTN31.spl has invalid opcode 328

POTN34.spl has invalid opcode 328

POTN35.spl has invalid opcode 328

POTN45.spl has invalid opcode 328

RODS01B.spl has invalid opcode 321

SCRL03.spl has invalid opcode 328

SCRL04.spl has invalid opcode 328

SCRL05.spl has invalid opcode 328

SCRL06.spl has invalid opcode 328

SCRL07.spl has invalid opcode 328

STAF11B.spl has invalid opcode 321

Do you have any idea what I might have done wrong here? 

Edit: I have attached my weidu.log if that is helpful at all.



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Forgot to attach weidu log file.
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Do you have any idea what I might have done wrong here? 

Invalid opcodes are due the game not being EE. The #318 being the last official non-EE bg2 opcode.

This means the mod is very likely to have bad effects on non-EE games. Crashing, hanging things and so on.

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Not an error. That's IRR detecting invalid opcodes/effects (anything greater than or equal to 319, as per DavidW) that would crash the game for non-EE games and then removing opcode 328 in particular (the three spells that were detected as using 321 are unused in non-EE games, so they do not need to have it deleted). It only runs on non-EE games. However, I do realize that the "error" message does not really satisfactorily explain that (but also, I don't think most people even notice). Maybe I should have it print something like "Invalid opcodes successfully removed!" at the end, or I can just suppress the message.

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Hello there, 😎

arrow of detonation : maybe it should bypass magic resistance like potions of explosions ?

cloak of nature vengeance : trigger  against ranged attack

carsomyr dispell magic special ability  : it would be interesting to have more information about what casterlevel is used.

Helmnoan.itm : this is a invisible helmet used by some creature. Maybe it should be affected by the Revised Critical Hit Aversion component.

saving grace+3 : blind effect and damage against undead seems to not working.

mirror shield + 3 : can you tell me what is a gaz attack in BG ?

Arla's dragonbane  : why description stipulates that this weapons is considered as + 3 to determine what it can hit ?

cloak of mirroring : it looks to not working correctly in my game. Maybe working only 20-33% of the time instead of 50%. I need to make more tests.

De arnise signet ring and Edwin amulet : it could be nice to be able to take out these items even if they are well balanced and interesting.

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BG1:EE-only error (as Girdle of Trollish Fortitude is actually BELT09...except if you play BG1:EE, where it is instead BELT06). Will get around to fixing.


Arrow of Detonation: Hmm, hmm, I think I agree. The vast majority of item effects like this are non subject to magic resistance (and if they are, it's possibly in error), so I think that's the right call.

Cloak of Nature's Vengeance: You want it to have a longer possible radius? I'm not sure how I feel about that, since I think you should generally be able to avoid these sort of on-hit effects by distance...BUT unlike most other on-hit effects (e.g. Fire Shield), this one actually makes some sense for it to have a longer ranger, so I'll consider it.

Carsomyr: As caster, if I'm not mistaken.

Helm No Animation: I think this is used for the express purpose of granting immunity to critical hits for certain creatures, is it not? I guess I'd have to do a DLTCEP creature search and see what kind of creatures are actually using it before I could make a decision there.

Saving Grace: Will look into it.

Mirror Shield: e.g. Umber Hulks' Confusing Gaze, Basilisks' Petrifying Gaze.

Arla's Dragonbane: All weapons with "Bane" properties have that descriptor. I think it's pointless and actually mass-removed them at one point, but I reintroduced them again sometime later because I figured I shouldn't necessarily speak for everyone on the issue, and additionally, the EEs handle "Bane" enchantments differently and therefore it made some sense to bring the text back again.

Cloak of Mirroring: Will perform my own tests at some point - I'm in a little bit of a hiatus at this exact moment due to other concerns, so it might be a while, but feel free to get back to me. I'm pretty sure this effect is hardcoded so even if there was something wrong, I can't do anything about it. I think kreso said that this effect is affected by the "luck" property in its various forms, so make sure that your character isn't unlucky in any way.

Special items: "Take out"? As in remove them from the character they belong to? Ideally, I'd agree, but non-EE games are real finicky about single-character usabilities, and both of those items are quite powerful, so I opted to leave them alone rather than endorse any sort of abuse involving them. Maybe I'll have something for you later, though.

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