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IR Revised V1.3.400 (2021 March 17th)

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about cloak of nature's vengeance, I was surprised that this item trigger against enemies archers but maybe it is a correct behaviour, after all, it is not like a fire shield ;)

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Ah, I see, you're arguing for the opposite. Yes, the description does not list a range...I guess it's by design. And yeah, I think I kinda like the idea of it having a larger range than other such effects, given that it doesn't work the same as other spells like Fire Shield.

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hi Bart,

-The dispell Magic special ability of carsomyr seems to not working in my game.   (1X per day or 3x per day with carsomyr +5). I also play with SR and SCS.

- I would remove the blur effect of the cloak of displacement but it is up to you.

- up to you but it would be interesting to give the vhaillor helm to Gromnir exactely as SCS is doing. Maybe same for the robe of vecna even if personally I am not a big fan that item revision moves some items.  (would it be to have the list of items that are moved by installing item revision main component please).

This mod is really awesome ^^

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Carsomyr: As usual, describing actual test cases would be appreciated. Here, for example, I have a fresh install of IR and have found a self-dispel to work on the first try: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/0az2c8tj9wx53u3/2019-03-21_17-00-17.mp4 Then I cast spells again and tested it three more times. The next two did not dispel, the third one did. Seems to work as it should from what I can see.

Cloak of Displacement: Doesn't Anthology Tweaks offer this exact option? No need to force it given the ubiquity of that mod...unless it doesn't work for IR's version of this item?

Vhailor/Vecna: If you have the install_item_reallocation settings.ini flag enabled (which is always the default), Robes of Vecna (now Robes of Larloch) is moved to Azamantes (Watcher's Keep) and Vhailor's Helm (now Shadow Veil) is moved to Gromnir. Isn't this what SCS does as well?

Other item movements from just the main component:

  1. Ring of Regeneration is harder to pickpocket from Ribald.
  2. Belm is moved from tower in Druid Grove to the rakshasa Ihtafeer.
  3. Girdle of Frost Giant is removed from Underdark Death Knight and instead placed on the Shadow Dragon.
  4. Scroll of Crom Faeyr is removed from the Shadow Dragon and placed in the Underdark Beholder lair.
  5. Skin of the Ghoul is equipped by Theshal (instead of pointlessly sitting in his inventory).
  6. Lord Argrim of the Mage Stronghold quest line receives a Protection from Magic scroll.
  7. Flame of the North is moved from a way too late Underdark Ilithid lair to Firkraag's Tazok.
  8. Boots of Phasing is moved from Viekang to the House Jae'lat Weaponmaster.
  9. Bala's Axe is now used by Mencar the Pebblecrusher (inn in Waukeen's Promenade). If you have the relevant Unfinished Business item restoration component installed, it's removed from just sitting in the Planar Sphere so there isn't a duplicate.
  10. Lord Khellon (of the evil Trademeet questline) gives a 5375 gold reward instead of 1000.
  11. Captain Haegan (slaver ship) wields the Flail of Submission and a Medium Shield +1.
  12. Valygar's ranger mercenaries wield the Eagle Bow and Boots of the West (matches UB's placement).
  13. Bands of Focus are moved from Draconis to Sendai's kensai.
  14. Girdle of Fire Giant Strength is moved from Yaga-Shura's lair to Berenn.
  15. Lavender Ioun Stone is moved from Gromnir to Yaga-Shura.
  16. Malakar is moved from Spellhold to someone in Firkraag's Samia's party.
  17. Cloak of Nature's Wrath is moved from Merella to Shadow Patrick.
  18. Cloak of the Wolf is moved from a dead body in Anath's lair to Anath herself.
  19. Shield of the Order is moved from Yaga-Shura to Jamis Tombelthen.
  20. Life-Stealer is given to Gromnir's assassin unless you have the (wonky, IMO) Unfinished Business restored Artemis Entreri component installed.
  21. Protector of the Second is moved from Planar Sphere and Spear of the Unicorn is moved from troll lair to Shadow Druid Adherent.
  22. Impaler is moved to a different Kuo-Toa prince.
  23. Backbiter is moved from Underdark imprisonment machine character to Baron Ployer.
  24. Mail of the Dead and Helm of Balduran are equipped by Ilyich.
  25. Cloak of the Shield is removed from Planar Prison bounty hunter (remains solely on Firkraag).
  26. Boots of Stealth in the Shadow Thief stronghold is replaced with Ring of Night's Embrace.
  27. Horn of Kazgaroth is added to lich form Deril (matches ARP).
  28. Web Sack is added to Pai'Na unless you have the Unfinished Business restored Spider's Bane quest installed.
  29. Extra and free Lawgiver is removed from BG1 Ulgoth's Beard home.
  30. Fallorain's Plate is placed on Genthore in BG1.
  31. Telbar's Armor is placed on Sendai in BG1.
  32. Errard's Cloak of the Good Archmagi is replaced with Cloak of Acid Resistance.
  33. A number of "bad"/improper copies of items that have legacy BG1 variants (e.g. Plate of the Dark +1 as PLAT05) are replaced with their "good" copies to prevent needless copies of unique items. They are: AX1H03 becomes AX1H11, BLUN08 becomes BLUN02, DAGG03 becomes DAGG15, LEAT03 becomes LEAT11, PLAT05 becomes PLAT14, SHLD19 becomes SHLD30, and SH1H09 becomes SW1H29.
  34. A Yaga-Shura cleric had nonexisting "shdl06" instead of a proper "shld06" (...this should probably be handled by a different mod).
  35. Gorion's Scroll in BG1 becomes unstealable on Gorion himself as to prevent duplicates.
  36. The Friendly Arm Inn's Ring of Wizardry becomes the BG1-style Ring of Sorcery.

A good portion of these are present in normal IR, while the rest are my own. There are some additional movements if you use Store Revisions.

@Luke: I don't really care for very rare powerful occurrences like that, and also, the idea is that it matches SR's Cone of Cold.

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Vhailor's Helm (now Shadow Veil) is moved to Gromnir. Isn't this what SCS does as well?

Whailor's helm is moved to gromnir inventory but not in his helmet slot.

Also maybe  somes string should be add to gromnir script to let him use simulacrum ability as his first action. We have to look what SCS is doing .

I will make more check about carsomyr and other items.

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That's a bug, actually, so thanks for noticing! It's supposed to be his helmet, but the patching is out of order.

HELMNOAN.itm: Based on my DLTCEP creature search, it seems like mostly dragons use this item, so I guess it's not appropriate to change from critical hits to an AC bonus.

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Maybe it is worth to know where the problem comes from with carsomyr.  I test the spell on my party (all my party members have full buff). The only thing good is that it dispell 'dispelling screen" but no buffs are dispelled at all.

[weidu] WeiDU version 24600

Mods affecting SW2H19.ITM:
00000: /* created or unbiffed */ ~SPELL_REV/SETUP-SPELL_REV.TP2~ 0 0 // Spell Revisionsv4 Beta 16 (Revised V1.1.0)
00001:  ~ITEM_REV/ITEM_REV.TP2~ 0 0 // Item Revisions by DemivrgvsV4 Beta 10 (Revised 1.2.4)
00002:  ~ITEM_REV/ITEM_REV.TP2~ 0 17 // Weapon ChangesV4 Beta 10 (Revised 1.2.4)
00003:  ~ITEM_REV/ITEM_REV.TP2~ 0 1080 // Enchantment Doesn't Affect Speed Factor of WeaponsV4 Beta 10 (Revised 1.2.4)
00004:  ~ITEM_REV/ITEM_REV.TP2~ 0 18 // Revised BackstabbingThief-only WeaponsV4 Beta 10 (Revised 1.2.4)
00005:  ~STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2~ 0 5900 // Initialise AI components (required for all tactical and AI components)v32 RC9

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49 minutes ago, DrAzTiK said:

Maybe it is worth to know where the problem comes from with carsomyr.  I test the spell on my party (all my party members have full buff). The only thing good is that it dispell 'dispelling screen" but no buffs are dispelled at all.

But you are doing it to an allie, meaning that it might effect the final outcome. One could make a script which makes the character hostile when activated and try it afterwards, saving & casting protecting spells etc.

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No dispell magic from carsomyr should work on both allies and ennemies.

Also with SCS, gromnir first action is to use simulacrum ability from his helmet. Are we going to have the same thing with item revisions?

Maybe  some strings need to be add to gromnir script.

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I think I finally see the issue of Carsomyr - I think. It is actually a problem with SRR, not IR. A clean install with just IRR was not enough, which is why I didn't notice it earlier. The problem is that Carsomyr uses a real priest spell - SPPR303, to be exact. In SR, this is "Dispel Magic", which SR redefines as to only target enemies, much like Remove Magic did in vanilla. With SRR installed, this spell is actually straight up Remove Magic, not Dispel Magic, because in SRR, I give clerics both Remove Magic and Dispel Magic just like mages. I *hated* doing that, but felt it was necessary to prevent SCS priests from self-dispelling themselves...which is why Remove Magic is the default spell (and note that SRR's Dispel Magic's radius is 30' feet while Remove Magic is 20' feet to help balance out the difference a little). If, on the other hand, Carsomyr's Dispel Magic also did not work on any enemies, that would be very mysterious indeed.

On the question of Gromnir: I really have no interest in touching this due to my very novice knowledge of IE scripting. Are you saying that if you have IR installed and SCS installed after, SCS AI will not use the Simulacrum ability? As long as SCS makes use of it, then I don't really care that much about fixing it for non-SCS games.

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Yes the dispell magic of carsomyr in my game is 30 radius, affect both  enemies and allies but has no effect unfortunately.


About Gromnir, I need to test but looking his script, I don't think he would use simulacrum ability. I will t ry to look what SCS is doing if I can find the code.. 

edit : I just checked and SCS add some lines. You can check in item folder of SCS.



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I don't know if this issue is under your purview but after running an EET install last night I noticed Lord Foreshadow gave me a Ring of Human Influence that sets my Charisma to 18 and 1 charm per day. This ring doesn't seem to be affected by the changes on IRR. I found out BG1NPC project seems to be the mod that added that specific item and interaction but under their changelog it claims that they added compatibility with IR back in 2009? Wondering if your changes to IR could be undoing the compatibility.

I also noticed the goblin that drops The Whistling Sword dropped 2 of them instead. The only difference was that one required 4 strength while the other one required 5 strength.

And lastly I noticed most goblins and kobolds were not displaying any weapons on their hands even though they kept using them and dropping them like normal. Particularly bows and bastard swords? Maybe more, once in a while some of them would be holding a weapon like normal but didn't pay attention at the time which ones were being displayed and which ones were not.

I'll try to do a manual install of just bgee tonight and see if the issues persist.

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Lord Foreshadow and Ring of Human Influence: Two likely possibilities - 1. Whatever mod you're using that makes Lord Foreshadow give a Ring of Human Influence created a second copy of it under a different resource name that IR does not touch; 2. A mod reverted IR's changes for that ring. IRR hasn't changed that ring much (really just a bug and consistency fix), so I would expect compatibility to be maintained if installed in the correct order. I'm not familiar with either EET (Enhanced Edition Trilogy, I presume?) or BG1NPC Project, so I cannot say for certain. The only way I could test this is by replicating your weidu.log, I guess?

Whistling Sword: Interesting. Any way you can figure out for me the item resource name of the one that is not sw1h09.itm?

Goblins & Kobolds: I think I might understand this one, but I'd be surprised if I'm right, since it seems like a bit of an oversight. The Enhanced Editions introduce new bastard sword and bow animations that don't use the old animation slots that those creatures probably rely on - does an unmodded EE game still have creatures broken in that manner?

P.S. I am currently working on a V1.2.5. Here is the applied changelist so far:

  1. Ring of Human Influence extra projectile animation removed.
  2. Gromnir now properly equips Shadow Veil.
  3. Arrow of Explosion is no longer magic resistable.
  4. Anomen's Holy Symbol usable by him even if his alignment changes to good.
  5. Fixed the BG1:EE version of Belt of Trollish Fortitude not having Regeneration function.
  6. Cloak of Mirroring's Reflected Image will more closely simulate SR's Reflected Image spell. The way it functioned before was weird, inconsistent, and not terribly effective - the new version will activate upon sight of hostile creatures, and should hopefully keep creating a new image every round the same as the SR spell until combat ends.
  7. Similarly to above, Cloak of Displacement's visual effect will only apply while in combat (but the stat bonuses will always apply regardless of whether you're in combat or not). Does anyone have any ideas for other items with permanent visual effects that might benefit from this treatment? Alternatively, does anyone think this is a bad idea?
  8. Testing splitting Potion of Energy Shielding into two different potions - Potion of Energy Resistance (the +50% bonus to energy resistance to 1 turn potion, replaces Potion of Magic Dispelling) and Potion of Energy Shielding (automatic saving throws for 1 turn). Also up for consideration is the Potion of Perception, which is kind of just a bad version of Potion of Sight, but I haven't had much of any ideas as to what to do with it yet.
  9. Helm of Charm Protection now has the Mind Shield icon, to go along with all other charm-protecting items having it.


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I'm pretty sure the Ring of Human Influence that Lord Foreshadow gives you it's it's own version since it has a specific description alluding to the fact that he gave it to you. I already deleted the install to check the sword. Tonight I'll try to do some test on both modded and unmodded BGEE and maybe another EET install with the automatic tool to see if I notice any differences.

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