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BG on a Widescreen TV


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Eirik! By Thor's beard, I haven't seen you since we used to plunder the coasts of Iceland when only unfrocked Irish monks lived there!*


As for your choice of modern hardware, have you considered changing your Mac for a Linux machine? Basically, you would improve your situation with less money. Apart from that, I cannot comment on your situation, since I have not used a Mac since the Stone(d) Age, many epochs ago.


Having said that, I do prefer both a traditional wired keyboard and mouse because I find they're more precise. But maybe that's just me.


On another note, have you considered finishing your mod? Just curious.


*Edit: when Scandinavian vikings first discovered Iceland, they found only the relics of Irish clerics.

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Someone has mapped an xbox360 controller for windows using Pinnacle Game Profiler: http://pinnaclegameprofiler.com/gp/baldurs-gate


I took their layout and mapped a Steelseries Nimbus controller using ControllerMate, which works quite well:


Dpad left cycles thru characters 1-3, hold selects all three

Dpad right cycles thru characters 4-6, hold selects all three

Dpad up selects all 6 characters

Dpad down cycles thru Inventory,Character Sheet, Mage Spells, Priest Spells, and on hold journal


With Left Trigger down Dpad is 1-4 Dpad Up being 1 and moving counter-clockwise Dpad Right being 4

With Right Trigger down Dpad is 5-8 Dpad Up being 5 and moving counter-clockwise Dpad Right being 8 (useful for Dialog Choices)


Left Analog Stick pans the camera

Right analog Stick controls mouse


LB is left Click

RB is right click


The A button is special abilities or F12

The X button will cycle thru F4 and F5, and on hold F6

The B button is pause or spacebar

The Y button is cast magic or F7


When the left trigger is held A is F1, X is F2, B is F3, and Y F4

When the Right trigger is held A is F5, X is F6, B is F7, and Y F8

Home is options or escape

On another note, have you considered finishing your mod? Just curious.


Yes, in fact, I'm setting up the controller to do a walk through. My goal is to have the dialog completed by springtime. And I shortened the saga to a þættir (tale) about a conversation between the king of Norland and a young adventurer from Norheim ;).

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