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Future tweak ideas - post 'em here

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Guest Hellooo

"Expand Romance Cheats to cover BG1 NPC and SoD romances" twisting my thumbs for this one :) can openlock and findtraps be made into character special abilities? or some items special abilty? like a lockpick you put into quick items.

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18 hours ago, MeToLee said:

hi. I was wondering if its possible to tweak the Reveal Detail a bit. like removing the health and name display above charname and npcs. they look ugly and fill the view. I mean you can see the health on portraits already.

Have you tried the options screen ?


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I tried it havent found a way to disable the health and name above the chars in game. I'm not talking about the ones on the portrait I'm talking about the name and health above the actors ingame when you press the reveal details. the black box looks like :   Charname     

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1 hour ago, MeToLee said:

I dont know if its stupid but removing weapon restrictions all together would be a beutiful feature imho. like equiping a flail to a mage. since mage cant put pips to flails he/she cant do anything much with it anway so it wouldnt be that much game breaking. just a thought. 

There's a "Ashes of Embers" mod or the B!Tweaks, although I can't find a working link for the later.

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I have one small, aesthetic request. It seems out of place to me that my character dual wielding morning stars have flail animations for it. As I understand there is a component dealing with this, " Weapon Animation Tweaks". Unfortunately it changes beside avatar animation also inventory screen picture of morning stars to just plain mace and original morning stars are lost. Would it be possible then to just change avatar animation and left original morning star picture in inventory screen for this component? 

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