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How to increase XP on a PC?


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I need to increase the XP on Minsc in a game of Baldur's Gate on Android (vanilla under GemRB). He is at half the XP of the rest of the party.


Have tried the CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("XXXXX") approach (official cheat code) but it fails silently (after Ctrl-Space). Have looked at the function list on the GemRB wiki and SetPlayerStat will probably do it, but it looks too complex for me without delving into the guts of GemRB.


Does anyone have a simple recipe for a fairly clueless player? Thanks!

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Linux not Android - not that it should make a difference. I've tried the CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("XXXXX") after Ctrl-Space several times, with and without the "" around the number. Minsc is selected and is the only selected character. Still no visible change to his XP.


I'll sleep on it. Probably doing something silly..


Do I need to enable DebugKeys(1) to make this work? Tried that too but also not successful



The NPC needs to be selected when the command is executed.

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