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I am using the IWD Tweak Pack, and I have it set to give maximum hit points on level up. It worked great at first but I noticed somewhere around level 8 I started only getting 3 hit points for fighters on level up and 1 for my wizard. My Fighter and wizard both have +2 hit points/level, so isn't that supposed to be in addition to whatever regular hit points they aquire on level up?

Anyway, they are definitely not getting the maximum like they were. I also had used the G3 Tweak Pack and noticed this same thing happening with BG II. I have tried re-installing that particular component to no avail.

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In second edition rules (upon which BG/BG2/IWD are based) characters cease receiving full dice rolls for HPs on level up and instead receive a fixed amount. This happens at level 9 for warriors and clerics and level 10 for rogues/bards/wizards IIRC.

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