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Restrict resting ?

Jarno Mikkola

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This was summoned by an off topic ...

Le sigh, already our first bug. Installing any of the components that alter rest spawns will also enable you to rest anywhere.

Would it be easy to make a mod that restricts resting to only to inns ? Or to everywhere except a few places ?


I know it's easy to just read the .are file, and flag them to not allow resting, but is that all I have to do ?

And what would be the most effective way to build the list of the not allowed places to rest... for it to be the most compatible and so forth.


And I am taking suggestions here, not just single answer of this is how to do it and there's no better ways, cause all that's debatable. As I actually might want to do a few components that restrict it more and less.

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You can also extend the top of PLAYER1D.BCS with a blocker, like in SoD:

    DisplayStringNoName(Player1,69033) // You may not rest in this place.

I forgot why there're two different variables, but regardless it makes possible to prevent resting anywhere at will if plot demands it.

The string's text is red-colored, so it's pretty much impossible to tell it's a manually scripted measure.

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Well, it's less about plot, and more about the spell restoration ... as I have the mod that does that, and so people ask for not to be able to cheat easy with, ouh, let's take 24 hours to take this one area, where there's a dragon AWAKE right in the next cave. Or a Gnoll fortress full of war hungry things.

And yes, you need to rest even with the mod I have, it just that you generally only need to do that to gain new and more spells during rests after leveling up, and to keep the fatigue away. Aka it's for house rule thing.

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