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Crowdsourcing mods translations

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Here's a translation service which allow to crowdsource translations for mods. The purpose it to take out all the hassle with charsets, code updates, glossary maintenance, malformed strings, etc, and let the translators just translate. Plus, it provides a nice overview of current project state.

It requires the mod to be hosted on github (or other VCS). Takes some work to hook it up, but after that the workflow is pretty much seamless.

It's open to new projects. If you're interested and want to add your mod, start a new topic on the forum.

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This looks interesting. I may be looking at this when I get some free time. The Polish translation is old and may need some revision (apart of updating missing strings, that is).


Btw do you have plans for updating Wild Mage Additions and Unique Artifacts to be natively compatible with EET? AFAIK it shouldn't be to much of a work and K4thos will surely help you if you run onto some obstacles.



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You can see both new strings and strings requiring revision (with highlighted differences, which I find very convenient).


I tend to works on mods while playing, and I don't think I'll have time for EET soon. Also, I'm not sure if anyone's actually using UA or WMA 2, so it's low on my priority list.

However, you can open issues on github for that. Pull requests are welcome too, of course.

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After working closely with the creator of this tool for the past few months, posting ideals, hunting for bugs etc I can finally say that it's great piece of work which, qwerty1234567 has done! Great support for the community, thank you!


When I started to showing github hosting benefits (which someone might find annoying) I didn't know about such project. But I feel in my bones that because of the nature of the github, some amazing things could be created. This one of the example if it. This tool takes painful process of translation mods and make it trivial! It is whole new level! I wasn't able to provide too much translations, but I corrected typos, mistakes etc and it was so easy!

Also, updating translations for existing mods, when there are new components can be done instantly. I strongly suggest that every modder should use this tool, integrate his mods, even if it has few flaws and annoyances.

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