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(Solved) Error Defining joining state ? What is it?


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This error appeared in an EET installation with Amber NPC and various other NPCs installed. None of those mod installs show any errors.


Now crossmod banter pack tries to install.

The mod searches for Amber's banter file and finds it, also the banter files of some other NPCs. thus it attempts to install the appends to the respective banter files.


Installation fails with this:


Defining Amber joining state
Stopping installation because of error.
Stopping installation because of error.


No further information can be found in the logs. I can find nothing in the crossmod that does anything with *joining state*, whatever that this. No idea where this error comes from.

Cross check with another EET installation containing the same NPC mods, it succeeds without error.

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Can you upload the debug file? I can't find the string in either WeiDU or Amber.

It was not my own install, but those three lines were all there was:


Defining Amber joining state

Stopping installation because of error.

Stopping installation because of error.


Not even any reference to a file or action or whatever. And I can neither match it to anything in Amber mod nor to anything the Crossmod Banter mod tries to do with Amber's file. And what is *joining state* during mod compilation?

The Amber mod itself was compiled with no error or warning.


Other thing is that I cannot reproduce this situation with my own installs. Both mods (and also the other ones involved in crossmod e.g. Amber/Auren or Amber/Kelsey - these are combinations from crossmod banters mod) install with no issue. The person who had the problem did several attempts to install but always got the above error.

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Sounds like something EET could say if trying to patch the joining dialogue states for the different game parts? I wouldn't know why the message occurs while processing Crossmod Banter Pack, though.

EET would not be involved since both mods install after EET in the BG2EE part, thus EET install would be equivalent to BG2EE until EET_end is called later on.

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It's a failure of STATE_WHICH_SAYS. Check the crosmmod tp2 round about line 1534.

This is indeed the issue here.


Crossmod Banters currently looks for a path that does not exist in the Amber EE version.

If game is bg2ee or eet.

OUTER_SET actual_joining_state = (STATE_WHICH_SAYS 5023 IN ~amber/tra/%s/dialogs.tra~ should be STATE_WHICH_SAYS 5023 IN ~amber_eet/tra/%s/dialogs.tra~ FROM ~m#amber~)

Same for

OUTER_SET actual_kidnapping_state = (STATE_WHICH_SAYS 5207 IN ~amber/tra/%s/dialogs.tra~ FROM ~m#ambern~)


I was only checking the crossmod part but now I see there is also an interjection with Amber.


Thank you all for your help.

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I hate it if that happens...


Why did you rename the mod folder for the new version?

Because that mod is waiting for 10 years now for its ToB extension. The idea was to branch off the EE/EET and re-start development on the converted version (like I did already for Chloe). As such Amber V4 would have stayed the final version of the original mod pre-EE and Amber_EET would have been the next stage including ToB contents..

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That makes sense.

I think I have found a solution for the whole issue that is compatible with Crossmod Banters mod without need to change anything there.

It works on the install side and looks fine in the dialogues inspection in NI,

It still needs to be tested in game which will take quite some time to do.


So my initial plan is not completely dead - it will just take a long, long time.

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You are updating Crossmod Banter Pack?? :))))


On a serious note: thank you for your work!

No, I will not touch Crossmod Banter Pack!!! After some further research, I found that no change is required there, (even if their method for Amber and other mods is VERY special, it really requires that those mods never change.)


Instead I have found a method in Amber_EET itself to make it compatible with Crossmod Banter Pack.


At least in the tests I already ran, it removes the problem that started this topic. I will further test this in game itself, but that is cumbersome, as it needs a specific party conbination that runs a specific part of Amber's quest...this is why it may take a while to publish it. On the other hand - by that time Amber_EET will already contain more extra stuff, like ToB contents, enhanced weapon/item management (using EE opcodes instead of Baldur.bcs cluttering) and other goodies.

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