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Small bugs in DLGV1 and BIFCV1 formats

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Hello there :)


the definitions for the DLGV1 and the BIFCV1 format contains some small errors:


  • DLGV1: the version constant in the header is 5 characters long (only 4 allowed)
  • BIFCV1: the last three offsets are shifted 4 bytes too far. Checked with icewind dale reference data

I patched them and created a pull request containing 2 commits, one for each format


By the way, the IESDP is a massive help for interpreting the infinity engine file formats.

Big thanks


UPDATE: added a commit to fix all inconsistencies regarding signatures and versions (amount of whitespaces, braces, char array type)

Edited by Calhavintas

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Sure, plenty of them, both content and infrastructure related.

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