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actions marked unknown on iesdp


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359 SetMusic(I:Slot*MUSIC,I:Song*SONGLIST)


Changes the script runner's current area's music slot to the given song number.


361 DisplayStringPoint(I:Strref*,P:Location*)


Displays a floating message over a point in the script runner's current area.



364 SetGlobalRandomPlus(S:Variable*,S:Area*,I:Count*,I:Size*,I:Plus*)


A random number "count D size + Plus" will be assigned to the variable.


365 DestroyGroundPiles()


Removes all ground piles from the area. (Ground piles are containers with type = 4).


366 GameOver(I:StrRef*)


Custom game over event, with the specific string displayed.


367 SetWorldmap(S:Worldmap*)


Changes the current worldmap to another .wmp. The old worldmap(s) will still be saved. You can have multiple number of worldmaps.


368 WaitRandom(I:MinTime*,I:MaxTime*)


Similar to Wait(x), but waits at least MinTime and at most MaxTime (seconds).


369 StartRandomTimer(I:TimerID*,I:MinTime*,I:MaxTime*)


Similar to StartTimer, but with MinTime-MaxTime range.


370 ChangeStat(O:Object*,I:Stat*Stats,I:Value*,I:Modifier*StatMod)


Changes the base stat of the referenced creature. Not all stats are modifiable, even if they are in stats.ids. Some are recalculated by the engine (like Lore).

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