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Old saves in EET


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Is there a way to convert (?) saves from modded BG1-2EE for EET?


Say, I have a save from the middle of BG1EE run (modded BG1EE). I doubt I can simply copy file into "Saved games" folder of EET and run it - varables will be all messed up. But may be some converter exist?

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Technically almost the same code as EET uses to convert BG:EE resources could be used to convert BG:EE saves (which is just a bunch of game resources packed together) but it hasn't been implemented. Unless there will be big community push to add such feature to EET (there won't be, you are the second person to ever request such feature) I'd like to focus modding time on other tasks.


As for BG2:EE saves the only thing needed is setting correct Chapter number via console and re-adding WMP (worldmap) file to the save with flags from old WMP file set. There was a code and tutorial how to do it somewhere in the board (written by me for Roxanne) but I don't remember in which topic exactly. It’s not really EET specific since WMP updating would be needed even on vanilla BG2:EE if you add some new areas to it since worldmap is stored in the save when you first start the game.


Overall not worth the effort, imo. On the bright side EET saves can work on different mod installation (unlike BG2:EE) thanks to setup-EET_end feature that can (at least theoretically, I haven't receive reports how it works in practice) update saves made on previous installation into new EET installation with completely different mods. That's a feature that I thought would be more important for players.

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