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Item Charges for IWD2 & EE


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This is a word value at 0x0022 in ITM extended headers and that's all IESDP says about it. I decided to push the limits and see what would happen.


In IWD2 this is a signed word. Values from 1 - 32767 provide that many charges and decrease toward zero with each use until the item vanishes. Any negative value (-1, or 32768 - 65535) displays 32767 charges and disables item use (you can put the item in quick slots but it is greyed out in the UI).


In EE (BG1EE, BG2EE, IWDEE and PSTEE) this seems to be an unsigned word. Any value from 1 - 32768 works as expected while any value from 32769 to 65535 displays that number of charges but causes the item to vanish after one use.


Edit: I was testing with a wand of magic missile.

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