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Not Sure if Right Place, but... Need Help


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So, I'm running EET, and some Tweaks. I'm playing through, and I'm at Abizagal's (or whatever) Lair, and I'm at the point that I'm going to fight him, I just need to step onto a place where I can see him and run down his dialogue, then fight. No problem. I fight him, I cheese him, I kill him, then something weird happens. The screen transitions to Balthazaar's Temple, where he gets pissy at Melissan and has his guards seize her, and the four walk towards her, and then it fades. Then, the screen transitions back to Abizagal's Lair, with him dead in the middle, but then it instantly transitions to a cutscene; the same cutscene that just played, only everyone is in the lair with me, right next to the portal. Balthazaar and Melissan go through the exact same dialogue, but they're all just standing next to the portal out. I've not experimented too far, but the one result I got was that Melissan admits to being evil, and then kills Balthazaar's Guards. Balthazaar disappears somewhere, and I fight the ghosty bhaal dudes and Melissan. I can kill everything, but Melissan cannot be killed. I brought her down to "near death", but no amount of damage, even ctrl y will kill her.



I have no idea what's going on. I can add a video to show what happens, and I can also upload my game file if needed. As I mentioned, I'm running EET and some Tweaks. Female character with removed level cap, FMT multiclass, levels something like 35, 28, 41. Again, more details can be provided if needed.


Any idea what's going on or how to fix?


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