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[BG:EE] Game Screen Too Dark

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I just purchased and installed BG:EE on my laptop. Imagine my surprise when I started a new game and found the area too dark to play. So I installed the game on my desktop. I found the same problem.


No mods are installed, and I can't find any option to brighten the screen, though the options screens appear reasonable for brightness.


Have I missed something in the options screens, or is there a line in the .lua file I can change to bring the games brightness up?


Edit: I don't know what happened, but now the play screen (at least on my laptop) is now normal. Have there been issues with Windows updates interfering with the game? Just wondering, since I had problems with accessing my antivirus because of one...

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BGEE and BG2EE don't provide any options to adjust brightness or contrast on their own (yet). You can install the Lighting Pack to remedy this issue though.


Alternatively, the games allow you to choose between two different graphics backends. The default is OpenGL, but you can also select DirectX on Windows, which might work better on some machines.

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Thanks for the reply, argent77. When I changed to DirectX the game wouldn't start and I got the message "Could not complile DirectX shaders." This is on my desktop PC, Windows XP with a Radeon 9550/X1050 Series video card.


Looks like I'll have to delete the Baldur.ini and try again, this time with the link you gave.


Edit: Just tried the Lighting Pack with no luck. I tried moderate contrast/lighting/gamma, greatly increased each individually, and neutral settings.

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