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Should Delainy have a bardic kit?

Grim Squeaker

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This came up in discussion, so the question is do you think Delainy should have a bardic kit?  I'll be honest, and say that of the ones presented, none really strike me as appropriate...and I don't recall any from the Player's Guide to Bards that would fit either.


However, this is wide open for discussion...

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If you're just going from the in-game kits, then I'd say no, I don't see Delainy as fitting well within any of these.  However, the idea of making up a new kit for her is intriguing.  It would be especially interesting should you be able to tie in some of her shamanic-type abilities..Just a thought anyway. :D

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Yeah, in game Kits, the Skald would come closest, but not for what I desire.


And while she is a good werewolf, and won't necessarily strike the first blow (normally, hey, she can have her off days, especially when Selune is high in the sky, and the blood that flows is her own...)


I've checked through the Player's Guide to Bards, Player's Guide to Barbarians, and Player's Guide to Wizards, and all had some ideas, but nothing really fits the way I picture Delainy.


As a result, if I do make it I will have to do one from scratch.

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To be honest, with her innate shapeshifting and howls, it will be like she's already kitted IMO. If anything, I want to make sure she doesn't get overpowered... The werewolf shapeshift is already like a free Tensor's transformation. :D

Actually, Camdawg, I may just build a description of her kit, which will lend a sense of history to her...while continuing with what I had in mind anyways.


And you are right, the thing is to make sure she doesn't get overpowered ;-)

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How much Gnosis will her kit have?





No, actually, I think Delainy is probably closest to a basic bard, a keeper of stories and history. Certainly more concerned with the stories than a Sword Coast minstrel, but pretty much the same.

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