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Oozemaster critical hit protection — missing?


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Am I missing something or was this just not implemented? Description and code:

- From level 15, oozemasters become immune to blindness, sleep, paralysis, stunning and critical hits as they become one with the ooze and lack a discernable internal anatomy


divine_remix/setup-divine_remix.tp2:1874: ~divine_remix/spl/a#ooze6.spl~ ~override~ //immune to blindness, sleep, paralysis, stunning and critical hits

but the spell only applies the other immunities. There is one more clab applied, but that's the documented -1 to cha.


I know pst has a crit-protection state, but I guess it's limited to that engine and this was just a false promise.

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That's left from the old days, where people tried to do things that were kinda impossible. In EE games it's possible todays, but not in the non-EE's. Well, without the ToBEx.

And you can't actually protect yourself from critical hits, just the x2 bonus damage you suffer... where normally the head gear would be the only requirement.

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