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Unable to load saved games in Windows 7


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As I said in the title, I'm using Windows 7, and GemRB version ee12dd9. I've gotten the game running, and I'm able to successfully save and load saved games within one session of playing, but if I quit the game I can't get it to show any of those previously saved games when I run GemRB again. They are being placed in the correct directory by the config file, but the game doesn't see them. Is there any command I can add to the config file to force GemRB to look in the same directory it is saving games in?






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first, that's a decently old revision to use, but it shouldn't affect saving games. Since loading and saving works fine in the same session, I can only surmise the problem is with the os. Some sort of permission thing. Where did you install the games?


Either way, you can set a completely separate save dir ... by manually setting SavePath in the config.

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Are there more recent versions of GemRB for Windows? I downloaded it from here, where it is listed as the most recent build:




*EDIT*(Actually, I just looked through the directory, and I see that you are correct. Why does it say "Looking for the latest version? Download gemrb-win32-ee12dd9.zip (5.2 MB)" above the directory listing?)


I found the link to the Sourceforge site on this page: http://www.gemrb.org/wiki/doku.php?id=install:windows


I copied all the files into a folder in the root directory of c: so I don't think there are any of the weird protection issues that would exist in the programs folder. I have changed the config file to point to my save directory, and it is successfully saving the files there. It just can't read them once I restart the game.


As well, I'm not using any antivirus except for Windows Defender which essentially comes with the OS.


Okay, I'll try the build at the top of the directory, but do you think it could also be that I'm using GemRB with the original version of BG1? I get the feeling that GemRB is more commonly used with BG2.


Thanks for your help!

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I've updated the file not to be shown as the default any more.


No, which game you use does not matter. Look at the gemrb log or launch it from cmd to see it live. It could contain the reason why you can't load the games later.

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