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BG2EE TOB - DORN QUEST IN LUNIA Gibberling v16 obviously

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i have many problems here.

1- i cant find unholy avenger +6 neither in editor and obviously i cant do with cespenar.
2- i tried all ways and change all variables with EE, and restarted quest with Ur Gothoz in the sword of Dorn, but i cant use Azothet to make quest at tree and get corrupted Apple for cespenar, have they removed the Q from v16? when I arrive at Tree, i have the bug of NO VALID REPLY OR LINKS and everything stop, i just cant do it. I was able to do only with Ur Gothoz, i repeat i tried all variables
3- After i delete my name and Dorn name from book, wheh and how i see the consequences of my actions? i think i wrote Saemon and Noober because i dont need help against other Baal spawns, but for now i havent saw nothing, whats should i do? Should i wait for some clip random like they killing Noober for being a stalker? lol
Thx in advance

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