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BG2:EE Tweaks Anthology - Alter Weapon Proficiency System component BUG

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Hello all,

I just downloaded the Tweaks Anthology v3 for my BGII:EE game. It's my first time playing the game and I'm in chapter 3, playing through Steam on Windows 8.

I chose the "Icewind Dale style weapon proficiencies with weapon styles" option for the Alter Weapon Proficiencies component and I've encountered a rather strange bug.

My Fighter protagonist previously had Longsword grandmastery and proficiency in Kanata and Quarterstaff. Now, loading the game after the installation, it's....off.

This is my first time on this forum so I can't tell if my image is embedding properly. If not, here's the link: https://imgur.com/a/dbpZW

As you can (hopefully) see, my 5 dots are now attached to seemingly nothing, I only have 1 dot in Large Sword, and for some reason now have 1 dot in axe.

Does anyone know how I might fix this? Does I just have to uninstall that component? Is there a way to get it to run properly? I really liked the idea of combining katana and longsword..

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Well, you need to start a new game after installing mods like this. The saves reference to stuff that the items* and stuff no longer "use", so ... the readme should tell you this, not that anyone reads them or stuff.

*Items that are not saved in the savegame, such as when you go to an area you haven't been yet. This is the EXACT reason why a restart of the game is needed, and I am not talking about the .exe, but restarting the game as in not loading a save but a "new game".

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