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EET on a tablet!

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Yeah I ain’t buying a Pro anyway... got my eyes on one of the mew Minis... A12 processor, 3GB of RAM, comfortable for reading, 500 bucks? What’s not to like. They should run EET buttery smooth. (For reference, I’m currently playing SoD with 30,000 files in /override on a Mini 2, which has sn A7 and 1GB RAM. It’s five years old and basically works fine... no wonder iPad sales have plateaued.) If I can find one on refurb might get it down to the $400-450 range, which would be perfect.

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14 minutes ago, Nugrud said:

Does this thread cover ...

No. As in, it doesn't cover even a thing.

As you can yourself read the first post, and find out that it doesn't give any instructions of anykind. Yes, it list things std has bombed into, but no ACTUAL instructions, and so the topic title is still wrong, after more than 2 years of being complained about it.

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4 hours ago, Nugrud said:

Does this thread cover only iPad or also Android Tablets? Can someone point me to a legit how-to step-by-step article for applying mods on android?

There's info on the Beamdog forum's General Modding subforum.  I haven't paid attention to modding on Android since it isn't relevant for me, but I think there's a stickied thread there.

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On 11/2/2017 at 3:51 PM, Jarno Mikkola said:

You mind putting that into the subtitle instead of being a ... tease. Or I'll put penises into this thread.

🤣 LOL! 🤣 

Although I gotta admit, I came into this thread thinking, 'Yippeee!  I can' play on my tablet.  I'll even spring for the cost of the game again if I can play EET on my tablet!'  Oh the joy that swelled in this little old heart of mine...for a moment...until it was crushed.  😭

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cuz I can't type worth a darn when I'm all excited
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I mean, AFAIK there’s no reason it shouldn’t work. I’ve got EET installed without biffing, I got all PVRZ files converted, and I’ve installed a bare EET game onto my iPad’s BG2EE game and played through the first 20 minutes of SoD - which, you will recall, is not a campaign that is included in normal BG2EE installs. 

So the basic test was successful. Can you play all the way through from Candlekeep to the Throne of Bhaal? Can you add a hundred+ in addition to EET? I don’t know - it needs proper testing, people trying it out and telling us what happens. But I don’t see any reason it shouldn’t work. The only thing I’m waiting for is new hardware. (And for k4thos to tell me what the heck EET is doing with familiars...)

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Still, I don't see a tutorial that compounds all the things that need to be done to run this in a tablet devive, as the very first post. It list problems, but no answers to them. Also you should start from basics:

Machine identity, what purchases are required, where you got them, what to download, what program did you use to edit the downloaded content, and the specific edits ... etc. etc. Things to note. Important path definitions that could raise problems that you already solved. Etc.

Does familiars come to even close to the equation when NO tutorial of anykind can be seen anywhere for a basic Fighter run ? That's a Mage protagonist problem, not any of the other 9/10 character classes problems.

So it's still a ... tease topic. Penises cum to mind. Remember those ?

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Well, here is all the info you need to install mods onto an iOS device.  The short version is

  • install mods on the desktop game
  • convert any .pvrz files in the /override folder
  • compress your /lang, /worldmap, and /override folders into .zip files
  • transfer those three .zip files to the iOS device
  • restart the game
  • play the game with mods

EET is a mod, so... treat it like any other mod as part of those instructions.  Nowadays, it doesn't really change anything.  (EET, and the BG2EE game, and iOS itself, have all come a long way since when this thread was started.). You only have to remember 1) disable biffing; and 2) don't install any UI overhauls.

Bob's your uncle, more or less.

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1) How ?

2) Again HOW ? No, I am not asking for myself, I know you can put //'s in front of the .tp2 files lines... but I don't know how you would even go on to get the .tp2 into your game folder ... because you can't download a iOS version of the EET .tp2 file. Again, I don't use a iOS devices, so this is definitely not for me. But some random person that just wants to KNOW.

3) Did I ask for a short version on a post number 55  ? NO. I asked you to make an EDIT to the ... FIRST POST... that must be very much to ask.

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I think you missed a word or two ?? Say I can install my (gog)BG1EE to my desktop(Windows 10, in where it's in: C:\Users\<username>\Desktop\BG1EE\ ), and install Unblanned Compilation mod(random mod with a .tp2) via it's installer (the setup-UC.exe) on it, and I needed none of the online help for that, but I am pretty sure it wouldn't work on a iPad x"(iOS device)... ouh, did I include too much info in the brackets for you to understand my mistake, well read it without them and you'll be a lot more puzzled I bet. Now read your own post and with a mindswipe that doesn't include any of the bracketed information about anything, as it doesn't include them, the bracketed stuff, either. And then try and type them into it.

And yes, I did read the link you posted, the trouble with that is that it had this /windows in it. Aka, say I want to do all this in between iOS devices, as I assumed that the way it was intended was to used, to use the Windows as the desktop computer, that is used to install the Windows mod to ones game and then convert the compiled folders in it to a .zip and then Email -for cheese sake- it to your own email and then use the iOS device to download it to it. I bet one could use a direct line connetor too.. but who cares, I bet 2Gbs Email contents are nice to store on a Email service. Man. When all you needed to do, was to put the USB connector from the powercord to the main desktop machine. The main reason to not include the hardware line connection is that it takes more text to explain the allowing of the usage of the USB connection.

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To tell the truth, the first point

  • install mods on the desktop game

is somewhat misleading: it might imply that you need to purchase the game twice (iOS + desktop). That's not necessary. But again, everything you need to know is on that link...

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1 hour ago, Luke said:

To tell the truth, the first point

  • install mods on the desktop game

is somewhat misleading: it might imply that you need to purchase the game twice (iOS + desktop). That's not necessary.

I know but since his initial objection was along the lines of "I can mod the desktop games perfectly well but how do I mod the iOS games??" I thought it would be easiest to make him feel comfortable that that part - modding the game - is actually no different than usual.

And more or less for that reason, if someone does already own the game on both platforms, I would probably recommend they mod an instance of the desktop game rather than search for .ipa files.  (And anyway, aren't the .ipa files actually unavailable now, since the recent OS/iTunes changes?)

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