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EET on a tablet!

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11 minutes ago, subtledoctor said:

(And anyway, aren't the .ipa files actually unavailable now, since the recent OS/iTunes changes?)

Not really... If you read the first post of the thread you posted, you'll find out there's a free (and legal!) software that lets you download .ipa files...

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So, this is not strictly related to this, but I'd like to inform you that now the DLC Builder works for EE games patched to v2.5 (it just doesn't work on BG2:EE due to a bug / oversight).

This is great news because I think it'll (vastly...?) improve the entire importation process. But there's a problem: I tried importing mod files using this method and it didn't work (BG:EE without SoD).

I told you this so that you can play around with it and see if it works for you (granted it IS supposed to work of course...)

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The Imp apparently wants me to say this (I thought I did already, but anyway here goes):

This works fine.  EET on a tablet.  It's no problem.  It installs just like any other mod you would use on iOS.  (Don't install the changed GUI, though.)  There are instructions for how to install mods on iOS elsewhere; but if you follow them, EET should basically work as well as any other mod. 


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Guest WannaKnowItPLZ

So... i guees you wil update the first post to have a detailed how-to guide?

I would really love that!

*awesome work* (if it works tho..)

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