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Please help for EET modded run with "fade in/out" game freeze fix?

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Just trying my first EET Run and not sure if I should post under EET but BG1 went fine besides a few mods not downloading (i.e sandra saga/NTOTSC) due to some conflicts but started running into an issue early in BG2 with different mods whenever after an NPC dialogue is done when there is a "fade in" to the next scene the UI disappears and game essentially freezes with no controls/commands work and the party just stands looking around and I have to exit out and re-load...Most of these mods/dialogues I have avoided,which sucks, and kept on playing but would like a fix if possible as dont want to restart my whole run and now anomen's return home quest seems affected as we visit delryn estate to speak to Cor and after they finish speaking and Anomen wishes PC to follow it freezes...attached WeiDU.log my weidu mod list & would appreciate and help for this and not sure what is causing this issue?!



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It would help a lot to know which mod exactly has this problem, and if it is EE specific or not.


Hey Avenger, it seems to be happening to almost every mod which involves a fade in after an NPC dialogue but fine for non modded content with the exception of anomens quest although not sure if some mod has changed this in some way...Roxanne has been helping me under different section if you want to read & add what she has been looking at as it looks like my directory was missing EET_end/EET_gui set up


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